The small modern apartment and design

small modern apartment bathroom view room feminine pink bath

Another example of comfortable and stylish interior design for a small modern apartment. This is an example which you can inspire you to some good ideas.

Especially if you think of renovating a room or two in your home. This apartment is characterized mainly by its comfort and pleasant atmosphere.

The small modern apartment with its open lounge

small modern open living apartment

A light wind in the decor of this small modern apartment. The propritétaires admirably realized renovating their cozy little apartment and full of freshness. The colors are soft and allow to marry between them easily, without error of taste. The walls of this small modern apartment are painted in soft gray which helps strengthen the brightness of the apartment. The living room and bedroom are, both, have a comfortable laminate floor.

The living room with a modern table with stool

Modern living room table stool

The kitchen, although it is not spacious, well equipped, in pink color which makes it more cozy. The bathroom is with shower, designer furniture and a floor covered with rustic tiles. The choice of materials and colors in this small, modern apartment to maximize space without sacrificing comfort and livability. The living area is open to the kitchen. Although the cooking area is separated from the dining room. Most doors in the apartment are sliding, it's a great solution to that they do not occupy too much space.

The well equipped modern kitchen in white and pink

modern fitted kitchen White Rose

The dining room minimalist

minimalist dining room

cabinet of pink in the kitchen

pink kitchen cabinet storage

The bedroom with pillows and beautiful bedding

room bed pillows beautiful bedding

The bedroom overlooks the bathroom by a corridor

bed bedroom bathroom corridor

The bathroom with a glass shower stall

bathroom glass shower cabin

Zoom a small kitchen in metallic color and pink accents

zoom small kitchen metalic color pink accents

View of a small kitchen in pink and white

view small white pink kitchen

comfortable bed for pink accents

view corridor pink furniture storage
room girl pink accents

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