A house – modern hangar Strachan Group Architects

hanger outside deco house

The house - shed "Boatshed is a project done together by Strachan Group Architects & Rachael Rush. The residence located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Background: On a compact urban site and constrained, near the beach the Takapuna hangar layered black is a reference culture of the country connected to the beach and boats. Slip forms of this residence discovers a solution beyond the switchboard home - an incubator of the lifestyle of the inhabitants. The place has two front gardens that make each 5m and neighbors to the northwest. It is an approach stimulated a complex with ample transparency to capture sunlight, the overview of the beach and ocean.

House - modern hangar in New Zealand Modern new zealand shed house

The design of the house - hangar: The simplicity of the exterior shape is contrasted by the well-worked wood interior that shows off the artistic talents of the manufacturer. A diverse series of multi-connected areas creates a threaded blur movements as each maintains a separate and individual features. The house opens and closes in response to climate change with walls that rise, which slide, fold and disappear. It is a house that tends to connected the beholder, who is seen and the operator in an endless intrigue. Look:

living room with modern fireplace home interior living wood shed

Original Deco living room house shed deco lounge

Wood and steel kitchen decor deco interesting modern kitchen

steel Ilot Modern wood steel kitchen

contemporary and functional kitchen decoration steel kitchen island

Open space with kitchen and dining room dining room contemporary kitchen

Dining entirely of wood dining room deco wood

interesting opening to the kitchen modern open kitchen inside

The library contemporary deco library

deco house interior wood bookcase

deco work space

Ultra modern wood interior

bed bedroom modern deco

hall bath interesting deco Nature

wood bath room inside

home garden outside

new zealand home garden

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