Small ultra modern wooden house in Norway

small ultra modern wooden house in Norway

This small ultra modern wooden house is located in Norway. This house, at first sight unusual, unattractive and uninviting, is, in fact, still very welcoming and pleasant.

Decorated with a modern style, simple, minimalist, it keeps its design characteristics.

Modern wooden house on the coast inside with sea view

modern small wooden house on sea coast within sight

The living room of the small wooden house is spacious and overlooks stunning views. A sea side terrace welcomes those lucky people even invited to spend time face this view breathtaking. A traditional fireplace gives the design side of the site.

Modern house with sea views and spacious interior

small modern house view spacious interior sea

The main room is reminiscent of a loft. The kitchen and living room are one. When the blue color chosen for the kitchen furniture is exposed to sunlight, it appears turquoise. It goes pretty well with the clearest blue sofa. The blue outside is a natural extension of the interior the skirting.

Modern wooden house in Norway: the kitchen

modern small wooden house in Norway kitchen

In fact, the blue in the kitchen is rather a grayish blue. It blends perfectly with the wood of a very light natural color. The cold tone of blue and minimalist yet modern style make this place a modern and practical kitchen.

The kitchen with its spacious interior, modern wooden house

modern small house spacious interior view kitchen

Part of the kitchen that serves as a dining area is welcoming and pleasant. Large windows throughout give this place of clarity and space. The right window overlooking the sea. The window at the back overlooking the limestone rocks of the same color as the paint on the wooden walls.

Modern house dining room extending the living room

small modern house large interior lounge

A scale allows you to access the second floor where the bedroom is located. A sliding door in old style wood will keep some privacy.

modern house: a great Domestically

modern home interior genie map

The scale is a bit basic but practical. It does not take much space, unlike the stairs is more secure nature and has an appearance that meet certain aesthetic criteria but takes up more space.

Small wooden house in Norway: the room upstairs

small wooden house norway room upstairs

Everything is measured in the house. There is even a corner to put your bike, why not bicycles. In the interest of saving space, instead of putting a classic coat rack that is in any case not the most functional object in the world, all kinds of hooks, size and color are on the wall. It is minimalist but very nice. In another context, it looks like part of a climbing wall.

modern house plan for a spacious interior

spacious modern home interior plan

The bathroom is very original. A big bowl serves bathtub. It can easily be fitted to also jacuzzi. We see through the window that the bathroom is on the first floor. When you sit to take bath and look out the window, you will feel that you are swimming in the sea.

Modern house in Norway: Bathroom

small modern house norway bathroom

best seen home here. Note that the balcony overlooking the rocks on the roof of the house, there is a kind of small garden behind the house is enlarged and that the extension serves small gym or small local sports.

Small ultra modern wooden house in Norway: view from behind

small ultra modern wooden house in Norway behind view

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