Extension Wood house: modern and functional

wooden house veranda glazed extension If you plan to build an extension of your home, you have the ability to perform this type of project with a wooden house extension. In recent years, wood has become the preferred material for the realization of modern house extensions.

An extension with wood frame can take the form of a room attached to the house, located in a part of the inner garden, for example. The new part thus created would be used to house a workspace or a kitchen with dining room open onto a terrace. Moreover, wood is also a suitable material for home expansion with an additional floor where we could arrange a bedroom or playroom. With this issue, we present some secrets and benefits of this type of extensions that make its popularity.

Extension house wood idea for small modern extension

build a wooden house extension ideas

Wood is a material to achieve, quickly and efficiently, house extensions. wooden extensions, arriving at the construction site often in kit are lightweight and easy to install, while being durable and resistant. Certainly, building a wooden expansion might seem expensive in some respects. But really, how quickly you can complete work on such a project allows to save on labor costs. In fact, according to construction professionals, a medium sized wooden extension could be mounted in a week.

Idea for building small wooden house extension

veranda wood brick house extension

wooden extensions offer much of the facade of customization possibilities. Wooden expansions are inspired, it is true, the architecture of country houses, chalets and various kinds of traditional defenses and shelters. But now these extensions exist in modern versions and quite impressive, as this extension with wooden panels and elegant lines on the photo below.

Extension modern wooden house and brick facade

Wood house modern outdoor extension idea

The wooden extension and glass is another modern version of the traditional house expansions. This kind of extension would be a nice addition to a home or modern contemporary design. But it could also be part of the decor of an older facade of stone or brick, as seen in the photo above. In short, a wooden house enlargement accompanied with different types of facades success, either by harmonizing with them, or creating an original contrast.

Idea for wood house extension Transform Architects

ideas enlarge its wooden house

The wooden extensions have a natural and pleasing to the eye. Today, the number of homeowners wishing to build or expand their homes in an environmentally and sustainable development increases. For these owners, extending wooden house is an ideal solution. It is built mostly of oak and pine, resulting from deforestation out of danger area. In addition, it can also offer you the basic conditions for energy savings because wood is a natural insulator. To make the most of this characteristic of the material, consider investing in a good interior insulation or insulating glass panes.

expansion and extension ideas wooden house

wooden house extensions expansion

Ecological, modern and functional wooden extension exists in many versions easy to install and adaptable to different types of facades. That part of the secret which is due the popularity of this type of house extension. Discover more artwork in our gallery!

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