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Models of windows and window available on the market today are about much more than a few limited options. Elegants, chic and very varied, these models are available in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Designmag invites you to discover over forty models of windows and modern windows with lots of character.

Sliding patio doors to conservatory and home extension

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View the variety of window types currently sold in shops, we decided to build this article around a few categories that encompass most contemporary products classified by shape or according to architectural solution they require. Here, without further ado, these categories:

ceiling windows and large square windows to front house Notariaat by Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Contemporary window frontage idee exposed brick house

Our first category embraces the windows and the panoramic windows large square format. We chose to start with this category, it is not a coincidence: in fact, the models of glass surfaces of this type are among the trendiest architectural solutions right now.

large format windows for a panoramic view of the Moore Park residence by Drew Mandel Architects

triangular window windows contemporary house attic

The windows of this kind usually easily accommodate all types of facades, contemporary, old and ultra modern. Moreover, they coexist quite well with different colors of paint and siding on the facade.

Contemporary panoramic window of the house Cor-Ten by Eldridge London

Contemporary architecture house window design steel corten rust effect

And that is just a house that provides an example of this wonderful cohabitation very easily uniting a Corten steel facade (material known for its rusty appearance) and windows of that sort.

Contemporary house with concrete facade and windows overlooking the terrace by Turner House Freadman White

windows working on deck coating wood strip floor window

As Corten steel, concrete is a very popular material lately. If you are considering building a house facade with this type of material you want as full of natural light inside your home, you will be happy to learn that the windows go very well with the facades concrete.

House renovation with stone wall and brick: La Ruina Habitada Jesús Castillo Oli

contemporary form of window frontage house model exposed brick

The renovation of an old house and often linked to work on the outside, including with regard to the glass surfaces. La Ruina Habitada residence, which is on the image at the top shows how those particular works on the front can be pushed.

Bay windows and advanced window in contemporary homes

white picture window outside architect contemporary building

The Advanced window back in fashion at the moment not only because they enable architects to play with the appearance of the building façade but also because they provide a few centimeters more to the owners of the apartments therein find.

Advanced window Contemporary house brick by Dirk Architektuurburo Hulpia

windows window panoramic terrace house modern

While they are usually present on city buildings, which contain several different units, advanced windows also appear on the outside of some country houses.

House with contemporary windows and advanced small round windows: St Kilda East House by Clare Cousins ​​Architects

panoramic window bay window house architecture contemporary design

In this case, they are not necessarily arranged very far forward with the rest of the facade. However, they still allow the development of a reading area or relaxation right next to the window.

Original window that showcases Desktop Deco in Dillon Residence by Chen Suchart Studio

office window model deco zen Workspace Layouts

Like many other architectural elements, windows allow games of shapes and winks original eye. This is what proves, in any case, this work area with bay window facing the interior of the house contains a Japanese garden.

Contemporary Window panel type for a dynamic internal

window black headband and White color architecture house painting

The windows say headband exist to bring us more light where you can not install a large window, for aesthetic or safety reasons.

Window vertical band house with exposed brick façade: The Lantern by Fraher Architects

panoramic windows home horizontal strip-type red brick

It is precisely for this reason that this type of windows are used in the construction of passage spaces and areas that connect different parts of the house, such as entrances, corridors and staircases.

Windows and glass contemporary design with original forms

idea of ​​modern home architect vertical glass windows

Of course, contemporary architecture also accepts all kinds of creative solutions in terms of facades and windows forms.

Contemporary window triangulaie form: The Kite by Architecture Architecture

windows of'angle noire alu design interieur mur blanc

And this is very good news for those who are thinking to remodel living spaces in attics or under the eaves that need more light and sunshine but not specially adapted for installation a classic form of window!

Round window with black frame and accent wall with white paint: OostCampus Carlos Arroyo

Niche contemporary architecture house window round window

Only drawback of these original solutions they require a larger investment that often includes the work of design and production of custom windows.

contemporary roof windows for a space brighter life

Roof model window glass and wood house architect sunroof

Roof windows are among the less traditional interior solutions or renovation of buildings. As the band-type models, these windows main function to bring more natural light inside the house.

Roof window combined with headband window in a contemporary living room: The Ark by Bower Architecture

vertical band glass roof window deco idea contemporary lounge

Moreover, roof windows models, usually small, are often accompanied by a headband type of glass, as in the living room shown in the picture above.

Type roof window attic and narrow indoor spaces by Alma-nac

roof window under panoramic roof glass strip

In this extension of modern house, kitchen, partially furnished under the roof, has adopted this kind of window that involved not only room lighting, but also its visual separation into two parts.

Windows and windows with original and intriguing frames

panoramic windows extension contemporary house extension

We continue our tour of contemporary glass models with some interesting examples of unusual frames.

Contemporary window frame private residence with white façade: Grangegorman Residence by Odos Architects

windows house window modern vertical banner design

One of the main features of contemporary windows key to the fact that they are usually private braces since they have the drawback of forming a kind of bariere to sunlight.

Modern building facade with wooden frames in windows: Tetris Moussafir Architects

sectioned windows contemporary architecture building terrace

It is from there that also derive ideas of interesting developments with window frames more and more intriguing one of whose functions is to compensate for the absence of other decorations on the windows.

Design window frames: Sharifi-ha House by Nextoffice - Alireza Taghaboni

windows double windows modern terrace Layouts

A good illustration of this trend is seen with building managers in the photo above. The latter has large format window frames that are specially invented to respond to changes in temperatures typical for the climate in the city of Tehran.

Advanced window frames asymmetric forms: Switch Building by nARCHITECTS

Contemporary building glazed panoramic window

In other words, contemporary window frames have the ability to contribute to the comfort of the inhabitants of the house, while affecting the external appearance of the building.

Positioning windows and windows in contemporary homes

headbands deco windows modern white kitchen center island

The shape and the window frames certainly affect the image of the inside of the living space. But there is also another important point in this regard: it concerns the same positioning of the windows.

Corner windows and decorative idea of ​​zen room: Case Inlet Retreat per MW Works

windows of'angle chambre parentale zen vitres vue panoramique contemporaine

Indeed, some architects prefer a more arbitrary placement of windows on the facade of buildings while others propose to focus on the good organization and choose a traditional distribution windows.

Example positioning contemporary windows and facade neutrals Haus F by Ippolito Fleitz Group

panoramic window contemporary deco design exterior glass façade

So, today, we can see a lot of interesting changes in layout windows, including combinations of several models, as pictured above.

Original glass with wooden frame imitating the gateway aspect: T Space by Steven Holl Architects

small window Contemporary Original wood window decoration design

But the appearance of the facade is not the only element to take into account when it comes to imagine how to distribute its windows.

Models of modern windows with pool house by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

picture house with pool-type windows garden bay

Sometimes it is the organization or the particular function of a room in the house that plays a key role in this regard. For example, in a private residence or a villa with garden and pool, the windows will naturally oriented towards the outside elements so that building owners can enjoy.

Contemporary architecture, windows and window design for a harmonious exterior

Layouts white windows balcony door penthouse

Contemporary architecture admits a lot of interesting solutions that take into consideration the presence of windows, their shapes and how they influence the appearance of all buildings.

panoramic window height and contemporary facade: Garden House by DCPP arquitectos

windows frontage house concrete blind wooden shutter

Moreover, modern technologies give designers the opportunity to play with glass surfaces in a much freer and more creative way. Consequently, we also get very interesting facades.

House architect contemporary with glass area upstairs and geometric shapes: House in El Puerto de Santa Maria Adolfo Perez

vertical banner picture window frontage color white paint

So, contemporary windows are often part of the overall look of the buildings that give great importance to geometric shapes.

contemporary exterior with panoramic windows that stretch along the facade: Hotel Cullen Jackson Clements Burrows

Layouts window bay window contemporary architecture house

The windows of contemporary style may even occupy the entire facade of a private house or a public institution, affecting in this way the dynamics of the construction but also the lifestyle of its users.

Decorative Accent with front window of a building with vis-à-vis: Ripolles-Manrique House Teo Hidalgo nacher

exterior window house type of house idea with window overlooked

From the point of view of architecture, the windows are also a decorative accent to the outside. The picture above shows us a beautiful example of decorative glass surface that also protects the privacy of the inhabitants of the residence it adorns.

House architect contemporary with large format windows by Elding Oscarson

Photo contemporary architecture house exterior façade pvc window

Berries and panoramic windows for a relaxing and living space close to nature

sliding windows zen stone house atmosphere with deco garden

Our most devoted readers know well: the decoration and modern architecture reserves a central place to the nature and its presence in our daily lives. Glass surfaces of our homes are essential for those who would insist on man's relationship with its natural environment.

Private residence with room and corner windows overlooking nature: Point King by Hassell

windows decoration bedroom villa adult panoramic view

In the layout of bedrooms in particular, panoramic windows and large windows are often forming a mechanism that helps create a zen and relaxing atmosphere.

wall of wooden staircase niche in the residence Sugar Bowl *

idea window banister contemporary wood metal Design

Empty spaces near such a window are valued and transformed: they become wall niches, relaxation corners or cozy reading areas, as in this house with wooden staircase which also houses a cozy sitting area.

Living Zen bath with panoramic window overlooking an outdoor garden

window contemporary bathroom vanity marble lighting design

A similar transformation also occurs in Zen bathrooms where the panoramic windows reinforce the connection with nature, drawing inspiration from Japanese tradition and feng shui. This is the case in particular in the housing that receive a green space, open or closed, which is located near the bathroom. The bottom pictures show two similar uses of the picture window in a children's room and a loft with great view of the urban outside.

Kid's room picture with panoramic views of the natural environment

type of office Layouts idea nursery window

Loft contemporary design with panoramic views of urban outdoor

panoramic windows loft natural lighting Layouts

* Photo and design by John Maniscalco Architecture

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