flexible space for apartment by PKMN Architectures

Interior wood modular space

Probably we have already presented pasr the past many small apartments with flexible space. But the example of the day is a feat! It is a flexible space with a funky design in a small apartment Spanish by PKMN architectures.

To stand in a small space, the rooms are reduced through beautiful mobile shelving units. The components of these modular structures are wooden as the photos show.

The modular space is three units

plywood wood storage space

This modular space designers separate the apartment into two spaces. The first remains open all the time and is set up for a formal dining room as well as work. But it is in the second half of the apartment that the magic happens. An open and discreet furnishings in an iteration, the kitchen cooking space is left to allow to have a place for small meetings. It was important in the design stage that the occupant of the apartment to be able to move easily and quickly with one hand the shelves around him.

The flexible space offers enough options for proper storage

cabinet storage space

Solid units weigh more than 500 kg, thanks to tracks and wheels, inspired by the library shelving, it is easy for the owner to move them. The designers of this flexible space fabricated shelves with OSB panel units (strand board), which is an inexpensive but durable material, made from pressed wood chips. The timber is then finished in a laminate which makes smooth and waterproof surface. When a shelf slides to one side, it shows a table of kitchen-dining room that folds in a snap.

Plywood wooden shelves

shelf wood storage space

Hidden behind the folding table are dishes, utensils, and other bases cuisine.Dans another option, the central panel folds out to become a bed Above the bed is the storage shelves area, which opens into a private dressing area in front of the bathroom. A wooden panel can be pulled through as an entrance to the room for privacy. The rear area of ​​the apartment opens onto a large garden that will never betray storage wonders that were just beyond the sliding glass doors.

A small lounge offers for small meetings

modular timber house

The floor is wood and tile

wood floor area

Storage for space provided by cabinets and shelves

space-modular small

An open space is offered after the units are displaced

flexible space living

The units can easily be moved

modular indoor unit apartment

A folding bed comfortable for two

small apartment murphy bed

A bathroom with a shower cabin

small bathroom

flexible space wall bed

small modular space wooden kitchen table minmaliste modular table

modular space units wood

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