House oceanfront Seascape for your dream vacation

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You dream of a waterfront home that gives you a feeling of tranquility and relaxation? Then you'll love the holiday Seascape! Built by Patterson Associates on virgin beaches of New Zealand, it offers tenants a magnificent view of a quiet bay and the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Contemporary design beachfront house hidden on the beaches of New Zealand

Contemporary terrace beachfront house

Viewed from above, the building is almost imperceptible thanks to its green roof. The latter offers a natural camouflage protègle the house from prying eyes at the same time he enrolled in the tranquil landscape around it. Hidden in the cleavage of close to Christchurch hills Seascape is accessible by car or helicopter to accommodate tenants throughout the year.

House seafront overlooking the ocean: a dream destination for your holidays

Interior luxury home deco style seaside

If you have fallen for this beautiful house, we have good news for you: you can rent for your vacation! Seascape, a pun on sea (the "sea") and escape (the "échapée"), has three rooms: a bedroom for 2 people, a living room with fireplace and views of the bay and luxury bathroom. All these areas are decorated in contemporary style and are dominated by typical soft colors and neutral for decoration seaside The materials used are natural and welcoming. The stone, wood and glass. Depending on the season of your stay, you might also enjoy the beautiful terrace of the house covered with wood, it has an outdoor fireplace and overlooks the ocean. Check the video below and the photos below to learn more about this romantic holiday house, peaceful and luxurious:

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Luxurious holiday home with modern architecture

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Contemporary home design seaside

Contemporary home ideas deco seaside

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Idea for an unforgettable vacation: seaside house for rent

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Interior design house seaside with luxury decor

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beachfront house for rent

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