Architecture and geometric design of a house in Tokyo

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Built in 2014, the house SRK in Tokyo is an example of architecture and modern geometric design. It was conducted by ARTTechnic Architects: a company that is looking for new techniques to improve the life of modern man with the architecture and innovations.

For this project, the members of Architects ARTTechnic team closely followed the demands of their client. And indeed, one of the owner's requirements was to separate his residence the surrounding houses. He wished, at the same time have enough open space. To meet these demands, the team of architects was first adapted to the field of new construction.

Architecture and geometric design: home photo SRK outside

Home deco architecture and geometric

The shape and design of the house therefore, at least in part, influenced by the constraints of the construction site. But at the same time, the idea of ​​manufacturers was also to make a building out of the ordinary that could be described as modern, natural and geometric.

Architecture and geometric design: for the SRK house night

ideas deco architecture and modern house design

The result of the efforts of architects is quite remarkable. Although it is between other buildings, SRK house seems to have a space of its own. Geometric shapes and modern lighting design has certainly contributed significantly to these results. The key role of these two elements is also visible in the images of the inside of the house, as you can see for yourself:

Bathroom with geometric design by ARTTechnic Architects

bathroom deco geometric design

home Photo: architecture and geometric design house in Tokyo

Photos house forms geometric architecture and design

Organization of space and modern architecture

modern architectural space organization

Geometric shapes and interior design: SRK house in Tokyo

geometric shape interior design

modern design staircase with geometric shapes by ARTTechnic Architects

stairs geometric design

house architect design lighting: home SRK

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geometric deco interior design

house with architecture and modern design

deco design modern home

architecture and modern interior design

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geometric deco architecture and design

Layouts modern home interior

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