Stone house, everything about its pros and cons

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You have a stone house and you think you embark on a home improvement project? Or you consider buying a villa made from this material and you wonder if it's really a good idea?

Or, you dream to build a holiday home entirely of stone? Whether ancient or more recent construction, stone house has some unique features that it is useful to know before embarking on renovations, the purchase or construction of such residence.

Designmag conducted the survey on the advantages and disadvantages of a house in ancient or modern rock.

We invite you to discover the results of this investigation in this special feature stone house. You will see, these practical information will help you design your project around such a residence.

Having a stone house is to live in a natural environment

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Buy or build a stone house is to choose to live in a natural environment. Historically, different types of stone are among the best known materials and most used for making living spaces.

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Nearly all European regions offer quantities of natural stone that can be used for building a house or a holiday villa. In other words, the stone is a natural material and easy to procure. That's one of the great advantages of a stone house design project.

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Moreover, these local stones give the house a typical aspect. She became part of the traditional look of the area and is more easily into its environment. Not to mention that natural stones from the construction of locality reduces transportation costs of materials and gases that accompany them!

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But beware, the various construction stone types have different characteristics. For this reason, we should take the time to learn about the type of stone you will be using. The same goes for buying a house in old stones; learn qualities of building materials before becoming owner.

Buy or renovate a stone house, is to provide a durable and resistant residence


The stone house, ancient or modern, is generally a durable and resistant construction. You have visited a site in Greek and Roman ruins? You may have noticed that one can still see some of the buildings there is more than a millennium. This is so since the Greeks and Romans were using stone to achieve their most important buildings. In fact, in some parts of Europe, you can still see Roman roads made of natural stone tiles that remain usable after so many years of traffic!

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Compared with wood, which is the other most common natural material in construction of houses, stone proves a much more durable and resistant option. Specifically, a stone house resists easier to fire, mold and insects. As many dangers as wood confronted with more difficulties!

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disadvantage side, the stone is known to create a cooler atmosphere. Decorating an interior dressed in this material needs a few touches of wood that soften the atmosphere of the space. Neutral colors and warm tones also contribute to the decor of such a space. As for the decor style, you can opt for country chic style, modern rustic, English, mountain lodge ... Do not hesitate to consult our deco records to learn more on how to achieve the development of a domestic stone!

Buy or build a stone house means spending less to maintain construction


Buy or build a stone house can be a fairly expensive project. This is so because the work of the stone requires specific knowledge. Moreover, the old stone house owners know the value of such a durable structure. They therefore tend to sell such a house more or less. Moreover, as with other home sales, the price is determined by the condition of the building, the area where it is located and its area.

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The good news is that once this investment is, the stone house is easy to maintain. Unlike wood, which requires periodic maintenance (waxing, painting, exchange elements ...), the stone can last for several years without any effort on your part.

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But beware, the production and exchange of some stone elements requires specific knowledge. This means that, to exchange such an item, you would probably need to call in a specialist. This is the case, for example, stone tiles that cover the roofs of some old stone houses. This is something to consider in your renovation budget of such residence!

Living in a modern or ancient stone house is learn about the natural insulation

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Regarding the insulation of a home in modern or ancient stones, this material does not have a good reputation. In fact, the stone surfaces are considered rather cold; this is probably one of the reasons they are so popular in Mediterranean regions.


What about insulation qualities of a stone house? According to the owners of houses and villas in stone that we met, the stone is a material able to bring a lot of comfort temperature side.

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In moderate climates, stone walls tend to collect heat by day and keep the interior cool night. In other words, the stone walls are a natural insulator. These qualities depend essentially temperatures outside.

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That said, in areas with harsh climate, you would need extra insulation. This is another point to take into account necessary for your project of purchase, construction or renovation of house in stones.

Buy, renovate, build a modern or old stone house, is to make an investment that pays

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We said, in a stone house, ancient or modern, can have a higher or lower price. The cost of such residence reflects the qualities we have just examined. It is justified primarily by the durability of the construction.

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Moreover, according to the regions, stone villas can be quite rare constructions. For if they were popular in the past, these houses were mostly small. The stone structures in small villages have therefore been replaced by larger homes over the years.

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So, buy, renovate or build a stone house, is to make an investment that pays in the long run. Sustainability and the scarcity of stone houses is an interesting product, feature and sought.

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This is the essence to know about the advantages and the disadvantages of a stone house. So, are you ready to fall in love with such a home?

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