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Modern luxury villa decoration interior design living room

Photographer Oded Smadar Smadar working for Studio has chosen mission to photograph the work of the best architects in Israel. He therefore made a series of photos of the Modern luxury villa the decoration comes in rustic alternative, contemporary and uncluttered.

But regardless of the style of decoration chosen, all interiors examples we propose to discover today are still comfortable and tempting atmosphere. Each of these villas is beautiful, unique and reflects the talent of architects and the personality of its owners.

Modern luxury villa view Oded Smadar

Modern luxury villa contemporary interior decoration idea

The first house the collection you can see in the lower gallery is a beautiful building which is only one level. This living space is complemented by a really beautiful garden. A garden path strewn with pebbles leads to this modern garden landscape creates a relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

white design villa outside

modern luxury garden pool villa Layouts

The second house we invite you to visit continues the theme of modern simplicity. Diving in a cozy design, it is a comfortable and original interior artwork. The interior designer has relied on modern furniture and a grand piano instead of focusing on a TV space flying usual star classic and beautiful.

Villa exterior modern luxury with terrace and swimming pool design

Modern luxury villa garden

The third house demonstrated a highly original in form construction. It is not quite standard. This time it is a house with an Asian design whose atmosphere is calm and pleasant.

luxury villa and dream home Photo: view from outside

Modern luxury villa design

Featuring swimming pools and manicured outdoor spaces, these dream homes are decorated with neutral colors. Particular attention is paid to every detail of the interior design, lighting up. Of course, it is designed to improve the brightness of the living space. But it also serves to highlight the modern architecture of luxury villas.

Idea dream home development with outdoor pool

Modern luxury pool villa

The landscaping spaces around each modern luxury villa has also been extremely careful planning. After having counted on natural materials, the architect has found solutions really trend. Among these include the use of pebbles to mark certain areas, the choice of stone slabs and wood coatings in certain areas.

Villa with pool original architecture

psicine modern design villa

The decor and accessories for indoor and outdoor, the goal was to give each modern villas luxury zen and relaxing atmosphere. This goal was achieved in different ways in different residences. As such, we aim inside one of them where the relaxing touch is made by the use of soft and soft colors like white, ecru and beige and wood. A carpet simulating grass and ottomans imitating large turtles give the impression that the interior of the villa and outside are one.

Lounge with interesting interior Deco spacious living room idea

In this loft space, there are a lot of furniture and accessories made of wood and bamboo for comfort but the place was not crowded the air. Carefully selected and rows, the furniture pieces, scattered all over the huge area such as sofas, ottomans, coffee tables and library, all seem small and contribute very discreetly to the ambiance of the space .

Interior open space with round stools

bright living original design

Any modern luxury residence must have one or two rooms dedicated to fun activities more intellectual and less like video games, TV, etc. These kinds of relaxing activities are clean, from time to time, all of us. Nobody can deny that the 7th and 8th art are not only the taste of today's generation but including previous generations. And as the designers did not have to submit to the constraints of the size of the villas, they could create a huge media room, but other spaces for games and entertainment.

dark gray Media Room

Ultra modern design media room

Like the rest of the homes, the kitchens are equipped so as to offer residents all the space needed for daily activities. Featuring impressive size islands, they facilitate the preparation of meals and invite people to take them together.

Lounge with views to the garden bright living room garden view

All these elements of interior design give these luxury villas of character and style. Browse the rest of the images on these villas, some of the same parts you have already observed, but taken from a different angle, and look at all the details that give these living spaces unique personalities!

Living room with original decor

deco lounge interesting idea

irregularly shaped stools

modern interior deco villa

The decor of the library

interior deco villa library

relaxing Reading room

deco modern reading room

The outer interesting night

Outside modern villa design

Terrace with pool

Modern luxury villa original design

House exterior with interesting

Modern luxury villa deco

Deco illuminated pool

Modern villa pool

interior deco lounge

deco white modern living

deco modern living room gray

Ultra modern design media room

minimalist design bath room

corridor artistic design

outdoor pool deco

Modern palm garden villa

large modern luxury villa

deco veranda wood

deco swimming pool patio

deco modern dining room

living room design idea

interior modern white sofa

interior ceiling where bamboo

dining room open space

decoration living original furniture

deco kitchen island idea

saw wood patio pool

decoration living original furniture

Interior modern open space

modern luxury interior living room villa

Interior room fireplace stay

deco exterior garden

Outdoor Asian inspired deco

interior dining room wooden table

modern wood floor coating inside

deco interesting room

wood center island kitchen

deco wood center island kitchen

deco wooden stairs idea

decoration concrete idea corridors

kitchen decoration idea

idee deco dining room

dining room kitchen open space

sejouor floor concrete room

outdoor kitchen garden

Original deco garden house

interesting modern garden house

interesting deco dining room

interior deco dining room kitchen

Interior mixing styles

Elegant dining room

Elegant dining room

Elegant dining room

decoration interesting corridors

deco design bed room

interesting interior ceiling

modern deco hall bath

modern luxury kitchen idea dream house villa

Modern luxury villa deco bathroom design idea

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