The luxury design illustrated by 8 examples of stone surfaces

walls donned luxurious look of natural stone

The luxury design often results in a choice of specific materials, which pays attention to the quality, function, but also potential. Today, it presents a stunning collection of natural stone surfaces made by the Italian firm Antolini.

The collection, entitled A Zerobact, examines the aesthetics of stone but above its potential.

luxury design par excellence ground revetted natural stone

Natural stone floor original imperfections give nature

The surfaces are finished so that they are resistant to the occurrence of bacteria and mold. Antolini and are in an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and even inside tubs where, beyond the beauty, workmanship guarantee impeccable hygiene.

natural stone inside the tub

stone surface Antolini used bath interior design

Because of his natural side, each area is unique with its reasons, its imperfections and varied and inimitable tones. In a rich and dramatic color to a more minimalist look with clean lines, the collection A Zerobact will fit into any interior for a luxury design unmatched.

kitchen counter with a natural stone surface is antibacterial

antibacterial kitchen countertop ideal hygiene

luxury design with lavish natural stone walls

marble stone walls look luxurious design

black stone countertop punctuated with natural motifs

natural stone kitchen counter attractive grounds

a look that is both rustic and ultra-modern with natural stone

luxurious stone surfaces without bacteria

luxury bathroom decorated with maroon tones

superb bathroom maroon shades

luxurious bathroom and Baroque stone revetted

luxury design floor hygienic natural stone

luxury design in the bathroom with stone basins

natural stone sinks luxury bathroom

ultra-trendy wall gives the room character unheard

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