country house renovated by Dom Arquitectura

country house renovation

The project of this country house renovated by Dom Arquitectura took place in a small village in Cerdanya, Spain. Located on the north side of the valley and facing south, rural nucleus consisting of about 20 houses surrounded by fields and meadows, where agriculture and livestock are the main activities of the inhabitants.

Stunning views of the Cadi is a natural paradise. Most buildings in the village are old houses.

The lounge after a beautiful country house renovation

country house renovation

The outdoor spaces are organized to the old as an enclosure. They formed a grid structure defined with the old barns, stables and houses. This country house renovation constructions formed a barn, a warehouse, a small house and a shed owned by the customer who wanted to rehabilitate the space and make a spacious home with several lodges for guests. The volumes of existing buildings have not undergone much change, rehabilitation of facades and roofs and redistribution of all interior spaces.

bedroom with bathroom

room house renovation sunset

The Badiu was a former hay barn, and now a large covered and open space. It was renovated preserving the old beams that supported the roof. In this country house renovation, several rooms have kept the stone walls, wood coating, using iron elements and combining the wooden floor with hydraulic tiles. The idea is to create large spaces, in a rural environment, where the privileged panoramic views become part of the interior.

The whole house after renovation

terrace cottage Refit

A beautiful wall decoration with wood

Refit home decoration wood

A stone wall with a modern staircase

stairs house renovation

A small kitchen

house room room renovation

An open living room with a fireplace

living room fireplace house renovation

The kitchen is open, minimalist, rustic

renovated dining room

Thea wooden door is originally old

country house renovation door

An open living room with modern furniture

renovated lounge-open

renovated house spacious courtyard

country house spacious courtyard

wood stone terrace renovation

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