Ecological house built with bamboo, stone and clay

Ecological bamboo stone house

This is possible thanks to the initiative of the Vietnamese cultural center for artistic and durable construction H&P architects who engages in education at the community located in the town Ha Tinh in Vietnam.

The ecological house is constructed in the form of flags from locally available materials and by traditional construction methods.

Eco-entered the house leads to a narrow path between two structures open to the interior of the central courtyardecological clay stone bamboo house

The ecological house building process is based on the participation and interaction of the persons concerned, while hoping to make known the benefits of good design plus a more appropriate approach expertise in construction. The site features a green home with an arrangement huts gathered in the space of a courtyard that forms around the pavillons.L'entrée leads to a path between two structures possibly open towards the inside of the court.

The pavilions are built by traditional methods

narrow path entrance between two structures

The design of the eco-house in the form of pavilions shows off examples and teachings in the field of aerodynamics (ventilation), the diffusion of light and biology (plant photosynthesis). All these solutions have awareness mission, change and improve attitudes towards a future where the environment is more green and environmentally friendly.

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