Interior original and ultra modern apartment in Paris with design by ECDM

interior design paris apartment

You will never guess what is inside the box suspended in this Paris apartment! Parisian architects and Dominique Emmanuel Combarel Marrec of ECDM created the inside apartment original you'll find the pictures below and whose bedroom is inside a cube suspended in the center of the apartment.

The cube is a metal structure, with panels of wood that has been covered with white polyurethane resin layers.

Interior very original apartment in a small apartment: an original solution to address the lack of space in the Paris region!

Interior modern apartment paris

This interior design solution is an original invention of an architectural firm in Paris. Her team claims to know very well the problems of lack of space in the housing in the city. Hence their desire to solve this problem with the original project. So they sought ways to save room for the construction of a comfortable bedroom. The architects also wanted to release more surface inside the apartment.

Parisian apartment with bedroom suspended: an amazing solution for the construction of a small space inside

Modern apartment paris intereiur

The solution in which they decided to build: install the bedroom suspended! The remaining free space below the part allows light to circulate freely inside the apartment. This effect is enhanced by the choice of paint color for clear space. If necessary, the space below the room can turn into storage area!

The plan of the interior of the apartment with a large open room

interior design paris apartment

Finally, this idea of ​​interior design has enabled architects to divide the large room which is all of this apartment. This way its residents now have an interior more organized and daily practice. Clever, is not it?

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