The modern window pane: a selection that should please

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The window shutter is an element that is often overlooked in countries where the sun is scarce (France, you will recognize you) and yet it's a nice alternative to internal blinds.

Practical, aesthetic, it comes in a multitude of models and is available in both wood than metal, according to taste. Discover together a fine selection of contemporary homes with shutters.

Component sliding window rustic style

beautiful house rustic Mediterranean style wooden shutters

Let's start with No. 1 Irvine Terrace, a Mediterranean-style house, founded by Eric Olsen Design. Here, a shutter wooden window slides to cover one of the windows, according to the needs of residents.

The sliding window pane and the interior extends to the terrace

s interior'ouvre sur terrasse volets coulissants

A large window pane is ideal for beach houses like the one above because they can slide to provide more privacy and open to create an open space between the inside and outside.

Contemporary house with shutters that blend in

contemporary house black shutters

Above the black shutters blend in the front for an ultra-modern look and minimalist. Furthermore, the shutters are electric and when they are closed, they become a decorative element of the facade, like reliefs.

The Novancia Business School enjoys a rich facade shutters arranged in red-yellow gradient

Novancia Business School frontage color gradient

A real favorite, the facade of the Novancia Business School in Paris was renovated by AS. Studio Architecture and includes pivoting flaps glass. We like the gradient from red to yellow and brilliante quality of this new facade that stands out from surrounding buildings.

Passive House fully covered facade folding wooden shutters

Wood shutters passive dynamic façade House by Karawitz Architecture

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture is a beautiful house whose entire facade is covered with wooden folding shutters. Depending on the requirements, residents can open any home or close completely. Clever, right?

A materials play this dynamic facade that oscillates between opaque and translucent

Modern architects RMDM set of materials

The above facade reminds us of the Rubik's Cube with a set of materials and different opacity.

Here, the shutters are both practical and aesthetic accessories

beautiful façade adorned with shutters

The shutters play a role similar to this Australian residence. We love the contrast between transparency and opacity and simplicity that is expressed by the whiteness throughout the facade.

Terrace in the shadow of the sun through the wooden shutters that act balustrade

shaded terrace with wooden shutters as a balustrade

Here, the shutters act as a railing and allow to have a very stylish terrace.

Vegan House facade exudes good humor with wooden shutters tricolor

Vegan House by Block Architects window pane from every angle

Designed by Block Architects, this house in Vietnam includes tricolor flaps arranged asymmetrical over the entire facade heights. It is dynamic, unusual and we love it!

Wooden window pane which slides on a frame: note the contrast between the timber shutter and the front

wood window pane that slides according to needs

The external coating in this ranch is interrupted by a metal frame in which slides the window pane, made of a different timber. It's simple but thoughtful.

Here, the shutters are manufactured with the same gray wood that wraps the facade

gray wooden sliding window pane

In the example above, the shutters also act as sliding doors on two levels.

minimalist house with folding shutters that reveal the openings in the facade

folding window pane openings in facade

Here is a classic example of minimalist architecture with 11 Parede Humberto Conde, a house in the ingenious façade. When closed, the shutters are part of the facade and no one guesses the openings when the owners open the shutters.

imposing pane that is similar to a wooden door

folding flap that acts as door

Another example of so imposing aspect it covers two floors. There, the component in question is used as door!

The wooden shutters soften the concrete facade and give it a more homey feel

Contemporary wooden shutters contrast with concrete

We love the contrast between the concrete and wooden shutters on the photo above. The property exudes elegance with an industrial touch.

Double pane window height to cover two floors

sliding shutters cover two floors

Bunk shutters, that is the idea of ​​AA Cultura with this superb residence in Slovenia. The lines are clean, the design is contemporary and efficiency is at the rendezvous!

Here a more industrial look with perforated metal shutters

perforated doors for industrial look

And here are two examples of metal made parts. Above the perforated front filter the light inside. When the top window is closed, the window pane melts into the façade. Below the front liberates very industrial look with folding flaps which, when closed, resembles a specular aluminum plate!

Facade adorned with metal folding shutters that reflect the sunshine

folding shutters metal industrial look

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