Minimalist design for a small apartment

small modern minimalist apartment

This small apartment is located in a building built in 1905. Certainly, the minimalist design great place is the result of a thoughtful renovation.

The building with high ceilings and large windows allowing plenty of natural light; which is somewhat typical for the architecture of the time. All the floors and the walls are painted in pure white is the main color of the interior.

Minimalist design - spacious bed with shelves and vintage lamppost

minimalist design spacious bed shelves vintage lamppost

The total area of ​​the apartment is 39 square meters, but it has everything the owners will need. With enough space to store all their belongings. The rooms are quite spacious and bright with color and furniture chosen in this minimalist design for this small apartment. As you can see the furniture and decor items do not take up much space.

The open living space with dominant white color everywhere

open dominant white living space everywhere

This is due to their sizes. The living room is open to the kitchen through a hallway. The kitchen kept the origins cabinets, while the bathroom has a beautiful old deep tub and a black and white tiles. Anyway, this is a minimalist and bold design for a small charming apartment. Simplicity has yet triumphed!

The apartment seen from another perspective

apartment seen another perspective

Two sofas in different colors and a wooden table for the living room

two different colors wood lounge sofas table

The window with a somewhat original glazing

some original glazed window

wooden shelves for good storage space

wooden shelves right space storage

Table with metal chairs the kitchen entrance near

metal chairs kitchen table entry

The apartment with a visual orientation to the kitchen and entry

visual orientation apartment entrance kitchen

The entrance to the kitchen with furniture right

entry right kitchen furniture

The small but simple kitchen with a large window

small single wide kitchen window

small kitchen window level counter

view room white bathroom
clear white room bathroom
long white corridor

white long corridor color

storage area corridor

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