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With these images we design house you find S&S House located in Pinamar, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The beautiful house is one of the works of Besonias Arquitctos Almeida, an architecture and design studio that was created by Maria Victora Besonias and Guillermo Ameida.

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These two professionals working together since 1975, in motivating each other to design ever more daring and original projects. S home&S House embodies the harmonious marriage between nature and the specific needs of customers Besonias Almeida Arquitectos. It was built on a dune and this is what has influenced its design, shape and structure.

Pictures house design and modern architecture by Besonias Almeida Arquitctos

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The construction area is slightly sloping, the house is also its two sides. In addition, its inhabitants have permanent contact with nature as the building is close to the forest and is surrounded by plants from all sides.

Images modern design house in concrete and wood

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Since the beginning of work on the design of the building project, architects and design the home owners were in agreement on the fact that this beautiful vegetation should be preserved at all costs.

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Clients of the company founded by Victora Besonias and Guillermo Ameida also had an interesting request, addressed to architects. They wanted their house to have a close look from that of existing buildings in the forest Mar Azul. In addition, they demanded that the building be easy to maintain.

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Modern S house&S House is designed as a residence for a family with three children for the summer months.

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The entire building is organized on one level. This large area is crossed by a courtyard. The interior of the house contains two parts, this way of dividing the space that best matches the specific construction field. The two areas are linked in two ways: first, by an interior corridor, and second - by a modern concrete pergola.

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The private part of the house is in front of the building area. Customers had requested that it contains three bedrooms in total. One of them was also to have its own bathroom and dressing room. The rest of the rooms is primarily intended for children. However, they are also designed to serve as guest rooms, if any. All these parts are interconnected and have a very compact and modern form.

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The second area of ​​the house is a large area of ​​social life. It contains an open kitchen and living room. In contrast to B, this area is placed in the rear part of the house. It is connected to the courtyard and a terrace which is in the form of an extension of construction.

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The outer extension was made to allow owners to enjoy the beautiful forest surrounding the house. The concrete pergola provides the outdoor space a Zen atmosphere and modern at once. It harmonizes wonderfully with open space and decorated with stones as well as decorative items in wood.

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The courtyard is another zen and relaxing space in this house. There is a small tree that has been carefully preserved in the realization of S Construction&S House, to allow homeowners to keep a memory of the time when their home was only a draft.

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The interior of the house is decorated in light, neutral colors in the palette of shades of beige and brown. The modern furniture and the colors and simple, modern materials that are used for the development of the interior, contributing to the relaxing atmosphere that prevails in this lovely summer residence.

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Pictures of the house S&S House by Besonias Almeida Arquitctos

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