Swimming pool – some ideas with islands exceptional design

pool-with-island palm-style-exotic

Thousands of people each year want to have a pool at home. With the arrival of summer heat, the swimming pool Outdoor is increasingly requested.

There are several styles and shapes. The trend is more than that with island.

Swimming platform: to rest in a peaceful atmosphere and quiet

modern-island-design-platform pool

Would not it be nice to relax, dine and be entertained while being completely surrounded by water? By putting a platform in your pond, you can do it. By choosing this type of pond you can enjoy the magnificent views that offers nature.

Swimming pool with island close to the door - comfort is assured

pool with-island-design-contemporary

When we think design is never forgotten comfort. For the outdoor pool including. Having its own pond close to the door is the dream of many of us.

Basin Wood island for your sweet romantic evenings


What about a romantic dinner in the center of your water basin? This is possible with an outside pool arrangement on a wooden island like this.

A floating comfort in the water is more than a dream

pool-with-modern-island-type exotic

Hotel Long Beach Golf & Spa Mauritius offers a large pool of water at breathtaking. Great size and comfort, they have thought of everything. The outdoor pool has several small exotic islands, but also small islands-rest to sunbathe while enjoying the water.

Infinity pool with a rest center


Renato D'Ettorre Architects produced this platform infinity pool which is right at the water to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Who would not enjoy this beautiful view from this beautiful basin center?

Swimming pool with island along a roof terrace, by Busch Design Build Inc


You can choose where to put his pelvis depending on the place one has. It can be in front of the house, inside, on the terrace or even a roof terrace; as in the above picture pool. Imagine being a drink at the center of this pretty pond with ocean views.

Designers pool in the sumptuousness

pool-front modern-house-with-island

Whether round, rectangular, oval or asymmetrical, it is for you to make the choice in a place you have. To make your home more spacious, you can choose a water feature in continuation with your living room. Opt for sliding walls and your living room will be directly exposed to this sublime basin island, where you could sip your coffee while tranquility.

Original swimming pool with island with refreshing waterfall


This surprisingly modern and original pool has a stone block and is enriched by an island with a Jacuzzi, a side and a fireplace, the other. In the middle one can see a beautiful waterfall that gives freshness to this set of contemporary design.

Design outdoor pool for your summer holidays


When you decide whether to install a water feature or buying a home already includes a pool, consider the advantages and disadvantages. Although you might not be an outstanding swimmer, you can always take the opportunity to rest. This gives you immediate access to many ways to keep fit.

Exterior harmonious as in the tropics


The advantage of having a pool with islands is that you can rest in peace and enjoy the freshness that brings you the water around you. Moreover, it looks nice and attractive and this gives us the impression of being a desert island.

elegant, quiet atmosphere in the center of an aquatic paradise


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