Spiral staircase – designs to see and realize

wooden staircase-modern staircase

The staircase is an essential part of our living space. The most sought-modern staircase nowadays is a spiral staircase which can be seen in many forms.

In this section we will have a look at the different types of stairs.

The spiral staircase - a significant up-wins

staircase wood-turning spiral
Decide on the shape of the stairs at home is not an easy task. Among the many forms of stairs many people choose a spiral staircase. The latter, also called helical staircase, a staircase is rotatable about a column. This type of spiral staircase above is perfect for small areas. This is the ideal-place wins for your interior and equipment of it can vary according to taste. Once the model, you can venture to choose the material that suits our interior wood, metal, glass, marble and many others.

metal spiral staircase, as well for indoor as for outdoor

spiral staircase-metal-steel-modern
This fabulous modern staircase can add pep to you with this captivating look. This spiral staircase made of steel and metal has what it takes to find her place in this interior with stone arches. It is perfect for larger homes, but also for small spaces.

Cool idea for homes in the seaside

spiral staircase-glass panorama-spacious

This glass staircase is perfectly its place in homes with sea view. At the same time practice, he gives a refreshing note to the warm nights of summer. If you choose this option, you can decorate with colors such as blue and white that will enhance your sunny days.

A luxury interior idea for a classic or retro

spiral staircase, marble-luxury-house

For lovers of retro-classical style, the marble spiral staircase is one of the best choices. With its spiral shape and wrought iron railing, it takes an important place decoration level. The special design is most often used in homes and spacious villas.

The staircase quarter - a space-saver Favorite

Spiral staircase-en-quarterback rotating wood

When redevelopment or construction of his house one wonders what is the ideal staircase that will take little space as possible, but still at the same time pretty and suited our needs. The type of staircase that will allow us to optimize this space is the fourth winding staircase. This forms a three angles, to save space on width and length of the living room.

Staircase work of art, it is possible!

This spiral staircase is an extravagant idea for those who want to opt for an original design solution. This staircase cage type black metal wraps around a steel column. This is an example of modern decor among many others.

This white and gray staircase made its way from the ground floor of the house to the roof terrace

stairs-in-spiral-modern-roof terrace

The architect Jose Marsino Prado, the architect of this magnificent home in Peru, has developed this staircase allows him to get on the roof terrace of the house which is spread over one floor only. This staircase shape sculpture lets us see the rooms inside from outside the house.

Modern, design by Jose Marsino Prado¹

stairs-in-spiral-roof terrace-Jose
An extravagant and unique idea that is perfect for a modern interior


The steps of the spiral staircase are made of wood and metal. The stair is quite wide early but ends with small steps while riding to the floor above. To be careful when going there!

A staircase that will leave you speechless

stairs-in-spiral-wood-modern ceiling

This small staircase modern staircase, located in the region of La Rochelle in France, has a metal base with polished wooden steps wrapping around. This model art design by Pierre Antoin Compain through the ceiling to get to the top floor. Here is a novel idea for fans of the extreme. Now, you choose the staircase that suits you best!

¹ Jose Prado Marsino

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