Rental luxury property in Thailand: Villa Sarawin

prestigious house Sarawin general aerial view

Dreaming of a escapapade in the tropics, Thailand, for example? We offer this luxury property, Villa Sarawin. It is located just 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport, built with the highest standards in luxury and comfort to satisfy the most discerning of travelers.

His unique style and exclusive design have nothing to see, much less to envy, standards and dreary buildings that offer rentals cheap mass tourism.

prestigious house in Thai style

luxury property Sarawin pool view

This prestigious residence has eight bedrooms, and is the result of collaboration between two great names in design and architecture, Jean-Michel Gath and Phillipe Starck, and their mutual influence is palpable and disseminated throughout the interior of the house.

equipped with eight rooms

master bedroom terrace suite

Buildings extend over 4000 m², and are located on a plot of 1.2 ha; or 12 000 sqm. Located beachfront on the Yamu peninsula, it has a breathtaking view overlooking the Phang Nga Bay, everything in this prestigious residence was designed to provide a suitable framework ideal for going green, a little gem in a luxury case.

views of the Phang Nga Bay

prestigious house Sarawin pool landscape view

The infinity pool overlooking the bay provides an idyllic setting for swimming and relaxing, with a central platform with comfortable chairs for a deserved rest after sport, or simply a place where it is pleasant to sip his favorite cocktail , rocked by the surrounding relaxing lapping.

infinity pool and breathtaking views

prestigious house Sarawin flat infinity pool form

The space is wide inside the villa but the beach holiday concept is never far away. Large glazed openings face either the bay or the tropical gardens surrounding the house, and include a space for private golf driving range. We let you discover this tropical gem in pictures.

large glazed openings

luxury property Sarawin banquet table

kitchen open to the dining room

prestigious house Sarawin kitchen

arched ceilings

prestigious house Sarawin ceilings

Overview and night lighting

prestigious house Sarawin pool night lighting

a jewel of tropical comfort

prestigious house Sarawin games room balcony

remains of Sarawin living room prestige

outside tropical kiosk

Thai massage beds

luxury villa home cinema projection room

luxury villa massage room furniture Thai

Villa prestige Sarawin floating slabs evening atmosphere

Villa prestige Sarawin patio pool

Villa prestigious private golf driving range Sarawin

luxury villa spa massage deprives

bay view balconies

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