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35 original ideas for baby room decor

modern baby room decor

One of the most exciting things when you are expecting a baby is to make the baby room decor. It's time to let your imagination guide you and become a real designer.

In this article you will find 35 original ideas for modern baby room, colorful décor that can serve as inspiration.

You should before starting to ask some questions. Do you want a neutral baby room that will not be decorated according to the baby's sex? It is a good idea because then you could reuse the room or if you do not know the baby's gender.

Baby Room Decor orange and purple

multicolored baby room decor

If you have decided to do a themed decoration for the baby room, so consider your interests. Do you like the ocean, the spell or animals? If so, then you already have your Deco theme. You should then choose the color, pillows, bedding and furniture that go well together.

Another very original idea is to blend the modern with the traditional. The classics like Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix Potter can be easily upgraded. Try colors like honey or sun yellow with accents like stencils or decorative frames and give-their new life. Here are some ideas:

Deco idea of ​​yellow and orange in the Room

yellow orange baby room decor

Idea baby room pink and blue

blue pink baby room decor

elegant baby room

elegant baby room decor

baby room in beige and blue

baby room wood furniture

Baby Room Furniture

baby room furniture

Idea orange baby room furniture

baby furniture orange room

baby room decor interesting

baby blue room

baby room in neutral colors

baby neutral colors chamber

Nursery decor

baby deco room

orange and yellow Crib

baby room decor wood

room decorations with original bed

baby deco interesting room

multicolored baby room

modern baby room deco

pink and white room for girl

baby pink girl's room

baby room purple yellow girl

blue baby boy room

pink gray baby room

yellow baby blue room

Modern white purple baby room

bebe yellow orange room

white baby pink room

bebe pale pink room

baby white green room

baby pink purple room

deco baby beige room

Deco baby blue room

Deco modern baby room

Original baby room decor

baby room accessories idee

modern baby room idea

modern baby room decoration idea

idea for baby wooden bed

baby bed shelf

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