kitchen lighting: 45 ideas suspensions or spots to choose

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The contemporary fixtures become true works of art. Hanging lamps of modern design are eye-catching in the rooms of our homes are far from simply ways to enlighten them.

In combination with recessed spotlights or rail spots, they bring balance and a unique contemporary style. It proposes to consider the following 45 ideas onkitchen lighting modern suspensions and spots and dive into a fantastic light show!

kitchen lighting in unique design suspension

industrial lighting unique design kitchen

The suspensions are the most common type of lighting, especially for kitchens with bar, those with central island or those with a dining area. They provide the necessary light above the work plans, allowing us to make the cozy kitchen. They are very suitable to put above the bar in the kitchen, open to the dining room or living room.

kitchen lighting that restores balance

lighting equilibrium suspension kitchen

But the suspensions have become much more than lighting.

They also act as a great asset when decorating, even during the day. A trio of suspensions, above the bar or center island, transforming the kitchen luxurious place, furnished with taste and style.

Spotlights in the kitchen cabinet

kitchen lighting Downlights

LED recessed spotlights are a modern solution for kitchen sheer design. The minimalist kitchen like smooth surfaces, no frills and this type of discreet lighting, barely present, is a natural solution to this style. The spots can be built not only on the ceiling, but also under the cabinets to facilitate certain processes in the kitchen.

kitchen lighting and LED spotlights suspensions rail

lighting suspension spots kitchen

In addition, LEDs are highly-efficient from an energy point of view, and present the latest technological advances in different brightnesses, depending on the lighting style that is present in the rest of the house. So you can opt for a whiter light, tending to blue, or to a more yellow light, like the light from an incandescent bulb.

contemporary design kitchen lighting

suspensions mirror-modern-kitchen-white-spots

Aesthetically, the under-cabinet lighting balances the ambient light of the room. It eliminates shadows in parts of the kitchen. The adjustable spotlights rail are also very trendy and, in addition, very practical because you can point them in the preferred direction.

suspended lamp original design

lighting suspension-white-round kitchen design

The lighting in the kitchen is very important to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

After all, the kitchen is the most visited room in the house. For this, it is important to take into account the layout of your kitchen.

Idea lighting above the kitchen island

modern-house suspensions glass-blown-spots

If your kitchen is open, lighting at several levels is best for your space. If however it is closed type, suspended and concentrated light in the center of the food is sufficient. When choosing your lighting, make sure that the places where you perform more activities are best informed.

Kitchen Track Lighting

suspensions modern-kitchen-spots-on-rail

The kitchen areas you use most often are definitely the work plan, the sink, the cooking area. Again, the LED areas will you great help. This type of localized lamps are ideal for this kind of lighting. For your kitchen furnishings, opt rather homogeneous light that will highlight your closet without making them change color.

kitchen lighting above the sink

Spot-built-in-wardrobe-modern kitchen

Our little trick:

Incorporate spotlights in your cupboards. So when you open lez you can find your way easily. Do the same with your lighting above your wall shelves, especially if your kitchen is oriented to the north and has no window. Also consider the other places, such as your dining table, bar or center island.

modern rustic studio, design by Olga Kataevskaya

suspensions design-bar-table-rustic-modern

If you want to customize your kitchen area with decorative lighting, we advise you not to do it! The main reason is that most often the decorative light is dim and it's not what you search here. That said, you can still decorate your kitchen by choosing a sparkling modern lighting color or creating a geometric shape of LED lights.

Skylight, adjustable spotlights rail and suspensions

kitchen-sink-light-rail-spots venetian suspensions

It's nice to have a bright kitchen, but it is important not to overdo it.

If you abuse the light, you may feel uncomfortable and have sore eyes. The kitchen lighting requires about 300 to 500 lux of light. It all depends on the intensity you want to get. For a cozy sffet all is the location of your light.

Suspensions in black white minimalist kitchen

lighting kitchen minimalist black-suspensions

Before you start installing your kitchen lighting, decide if you want to direct, indirect light, radiant or focal length. It all depends on how you intend to use every corner of your room kitchen.

Blown single spots glass suspended lighting

lighting suspensions glass-blown kitchen-spots

Finally, plan well your power plan. Take into account the different outputs son and making contacts. For this, do not hesitate to ask for help in an electrician. When planning your light, opt for light sources resistant and easy to clean.

ultramodern and suspensions mirror Design

house ultra-suspension-island kitchen

Finally, you can mix several types of light sources for a warm atmosphere.

Suspensions Aurora blown glass by Feldman Architecture


Suspensions bulbs Cococozy


LED strips in the block of marble, suspensions and spotlights above

kitchen-bar-marble-suspension-spots-LED tapes

idea-light-kitchen-traditional suspension

kitchen lighting large island-spots-LED-fan-extractor


lighting kitchen island bar-suspension-spots


kitchen lighting steel-suspension-spots

lighting graphic suspensions kitchen-spots

kitchen lighting islet suspension-spots-Recessed

Contemporary kitchen-lighting-spots-ages-old

minimalist kitchen lighting LED ceiling light-spots

kitchen lighting suspensions conical-spots


kitchen design chromium suspension

chic deco sophisticated suspension

black and white modern kitchen decor vintage suspensions

chrome kitchen furnishings suspensions

wood suspension original design kitchen

center island kitchen suspensions

classic deco kitchen

deco kitchen marine timber

Suspension kitchen original modern design

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