Moroccan tiles: a tile shape art

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The Moroccan tiles fascinates with its details and intense shades. It is probably one of the prettiest tiles. Do you know that this type of tiling and decoration by hand are one of the first examples of abstract art long before its appearance in Europe?

The French painter Henri Matisse was very attracted by Oriental art and decorative forms. He often realized trips to Algeria, Andalusia and then in Tangier. In Morocco, there is a new light and a new creative spirit. Moroccan culture inspires him to create many works of art.

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Mediterranean style, zelliges bring each inside an authentic oriental appearance. Originating in ancient Mediterranean and the Middle East, in principle they were used to decorate the walls and fountains. This type of tile is strongly present in the Arab-Andalusian architecture in Morocco, Spain and Algeria. There are a wide variety of colors, shades and patterns that give character to each piece. Usually, composition is worked in clay base manually, from, mostly, the city Fez in Morocco. Then the clay is glazed and cooked in a traditional wood oven. The oven temperature is inconstant. With this, the tiles takes a full color of various shades. Then each tile is hand worked to finalize. Its installation requires more attention and care than the installation of conventional tiles. Often Moroccan tiles are placed without joints, it is still recommended to do this. Joints limit the voltage between the tiles and this helps to avoid the occurrence of cracks. You can mix the different tiles to create a customized interior, original and colorful. Very aesthetic, zelliges, unfortunately, are less resistant to moisture than conventional tiles. It is then recommended to coat the shower stalls or very humid room with this type of tile.

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Invite art in your bathroom, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, hall or bathroom and spend part of your interior Moroccan zellige! Discover our 35 ideas of Moroccan tiles.

Moroccan tiles for the bathroom

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Moroccan-style tiles

Moroccan tiles: a tile shape art

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