Steel stairs for a modern interior

Wooden stairs steel chair idea

Long reserved for outdoor staircases for its durability and weather resistance, the metal prompt more today in our interiors.

The metal stairs left the confinement of stairwells to display in our living rooms. It becomes a decorative piece in itself. Lofts staircase steel design.

The steel staircase: a modern choicemodern staircase idea interior space

The metal stairs left the confinement of stairwells to display in our living rooms. It becomes a decorative piece in itself. It has almost become a sculptural work. Today, thesteel staircase is the metal staircase that is experiencing the most success. Unlike the stairs of aluminum or iron, stainless steel staircase has the distinction of adapting to the different styles: traditional or contemporary. The steel staircase can be weathered, rough or galvanized. The steel may be broken all forms: right, rotating, helical. In the following visual examples, you'll get a steel staircase can also be complemented by a range of wood or glass stairs. strength of steel properties enable the design of stairs to fine, light and welded structure.

design steel staircasesteel wood staircase design of glass'intérieur

Metal staircase in a Scandinavian home

steel wood staircase idea develop within

Grand staircase to large space steel staircase inside arrange space idea

red and black modern staircasestaircase modern red soil steel table in original black chair glass table metal decoration

industrial design staircase

industrial design interior staircase idea

Original design staircase


Design staircase for interior trend

design house interior staircase metal library

straight staircase and white

Steel stairs for a minimalist living room idea

Straight staircase, steel, stylish Modern metal staircase idea industrial design steel

An original staircase

steel staircase white wood modern metal structure

Staircase in an interior industrial style

Modern design steel staircase black industrial design lounge

Staircase in an amazing form

idea staircase small apartment modern small space

A funny stairs

spiral staircase original decorative modern living interior design

black staircase

house black design idea staircase

metal stairs right in modern interior design steel

staircase modern black spiral idea apprt paris fashionable modern style staircase beautiful classic right

Steel stairs for a modern interior

staircase design wood steel mixing materials

staircase white modern black design design industrial steel

steel finishing staircase design steps

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