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Deco stone and wood kitchen chic modern style campaign

The stone and wood are two key elements of the decoration of country chic style (or rustic), seaside and mountain lodge design. Present in many older homes, this combination of materials is also the basis of many renovation projects of historic buildings.

Classic, it is also a popular option in modern houses, whose inhabitants prefer the look of natural and renewable materials. In short, the marriage of stone and wood never ceases to fascinate and to introduce us to our homes. The images down to provide proof, while showing us beautiful examples of association of these two materials in all parts of contemporary and modern interior.

The stone and wood decor in the kitchen: modern and contemporary ideas

modern kitchen decoration wood stone

The kitchen is one of the interior spaces where stone and wood decor shines in all its glory. Whether it's a contemporary space that has been built or renovated house, wood and stone easily fit in a room of this kind, probably because of the friendly atmosphere that they are able to bring.

Deco stone and wood renovated country kitchen: modern furniture and ancient wall in exposed stone *

Deco stone house restoration modern design

This is an example of a contemporary design kitchen with decorative stone and wood. It was installed by decorators home Wespi Romeo De Meuron, who worked on the renovation of an old house built entirely of stone. This space preserves the authentic atmosphere of the house with a glass wall overlooking its authentic façade and the beautiful scenery outside. As for the food itself, it has adopted a modern rustic style with practical and comfortable furnishings in light wood and a wall covering concrete.

Idea stone decor and kitchen wood with industrial-style keys

Deco stone and wood modern rustic kitchen

In this kitchen, the decoration in stone and wood takes a modern look with touches of industrial style, such as the black bar, suspensions vintage above it and some stainless steel surfaces we perceive at the back of the room.

stone decoration and wood house with white kitchen compact size *

Deco idea stone renovated old house

Other modern kitchen installed in a renovated house, this compact interior highlights the stone and wood decor thanks to the furniture and wall paint white. It is also what gives this home a bright and modern air despite the original organization of the available surface.

Deco stone and wood room contemporary dining with exposed stone wall

stone country house deco wood modern style

Located within the kitchen itself or in a separate room, the dining room is another area that is often seen clad in stone and wood surfaces. In the example above, this part of the house is decorated with vintage furniture but nevertheless a contemporary atmosphere with impeccable organization and its very light air.

Modern interior of stone house with wooden beams

deco house rustic modern design

The stone and wood decor in the living room for a modern or contemporary atmosphere

modern country style wood stone wall

The stone walls of association and flooring or wooden ceiling is becoming increasingly common in the interiors of modern and contemporary exhibitions. A play with this kind of decoration can shelter vintage furniture, modern or contemporary, while maintaining its rustic spirit.

Deco stone and wood in a renovated residence in the attic with exposed beams

Deco stone rustic modern apartment

The exposed brick walls are an interesting alternative to wall covering stone. In this dwelling located in the Paris region, the bricks are painted white to blend more easily with the rest of the decor.

Exposed beams and exposed brick wall painted white

deco rustic stone wood beams

This is also what allowed the designer of the interior to highlight, in a very subtle way, wooden beams of this house converted attic.

Landscaping room with wall covering stone and wooden beams

modern decoration rustic house

This beautiful country house, which was built in stone, also has wooden beams. Some pieces of contemporary furniture are echoed and supported by the accessories in warm hues, soften the atmosphere a little cold produced by the stone covering.

modern salon decorated with dark stone coverings and light wood

deco style modern stone country chic

Deco stone and wood fireplace dressed with gray and beige stone

stone decoration wood rustic living room idea

In many rustic house and mountain chalet-style decoration stone more than a decorative function.

Contemporary living room with stone fireplace and wood clad ceiling cladding

deco idea wood fireplace rustic stone

This fire resistant material used in the past, chimneys building that was an essential point inside every old house.

Contemporary living room image with light wooden ceiling and fireplace in gray stone

Deco wood stone modern rustic style design

Those who are looking for ideas to bring the stone in a room of their homes could well be inspired by this ancient tradition and decorate their fireplace this material.

Photo of modern living room with stone fireplace and wood surfaces

Deco stone and rustic wood interior idea

In mondernes and contemporary homes, fireplaces are also dressed in various types of stone but also concrete and bricks.

inspired rustic living room with solid wood beams and fireplace modern concrete design

Deco stone and wood country style living room

All these decorative stone solutions work well with wood surfaces.

Idea light deco living room with brick fireplace and wood

Interior wood modern rustic stone

We could also discuss the installation of the fireplace in the living room another way and decide if you prefer a wood cabinet near the stone or brick fireplace. And it would be a very good idea, especially if you already have a stone floor or concrete, as in the living room on the picture above.

contemporary living room design with light wood flooring and red brick wall

deco rustic stone flooring wood siding idea

home reading corner decoration with stone walls and wooden ceiling

Home decoration stone wood beams

Although houses of rustic style, waterfront and mountain cabin also benefit from a veranda or accollée extension to the main building.

Contemporary Deco stone and wood porch with glass surfaces

deco veranda chic modern design campaign idea

These buildings are usually arranged against an existing stone wall and often comprise beams or wooden coating.

Idea Deco stone and wood veranda modern mountain lodge-style

modern decor wood stone veranda pictures

These cozy spaces that can be used in a thousand different ways, are even more attractive when complemented by modern and contemporary furniture.

Idea deco wood and stone veranda of modern country style

Deco stone and modern interior wood country chic

With its compact appearance, this type of furniture gives the space an air well organized and harmonious.

Bedroom design country chic with red brick wall and exposed wooden cabinet

coating Country design room stone wood

In the bedroom, the combination of stone and wood usually works as a combination of wall covering materials and soil.

Small room with wooden siding and dark concrete floor

Deco stone and wood country chic style room

For example, in this cozy cottage room inspired by the chic country style, wood surfaces on walls combined with a concrete floor. The wooden furniture and leather and black keys to bring this within a contemporary and masculine atmosphere.

decorating idea in stone and wood with white paint color

Deco stone and wood modern rustic room

In the bedroom on this image, wood and stone have a discreet presence due to the choice of paint colors in the room that is influenced by the modern, minimalist design.

Modern room with brick wall cladding and parquet floor in clear

deco stone floor room wood bricks

In the room, as in the living room, wall coverings exposed bricks are an alternative option stone walls.

Decorative wood and red brick studio with modern furniture

deco timber chamber brick wall

This type of wallcovering is often associated with modern design and industrial design and is regarded as trendy currently.

Room with open bathroom: wall-covering rough stone and rustic wood ceiling

facing stone house deco style country chic

The stone and wood decor is also prevalent in modern and contemporary bathrooms. In this context, we generally associate a stone wall with furniture or wooden flooring.

modern bathroom design with wooden furniture and stone wall cladding

bathroom rustic stone decoration wood design

Depending on the type of siding and wood color, the effect of this combination may have a raw and rustic or more sophisticated and elegant.

stone wall cladding and floor room wooden modern design bathroom

Deco stone and wood idea modern rustic bathroom

* Photos and design by Wespi Romeo De Meuron, Sergi Pons, Prisca Pellerine

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