Room divider: 33 ideas to maximize your space

room divider diy wood idea luminaire suspension

You have a small apartment or you just need room divider original and cheaply? What type of separator choose? The options are many: doors and sliding panels, screens, curtains, wall hanging, modular storage.

Discover our selection of separators 38 piece beautiful and functional.

convenient and cheap room divider: a shelf

wood room divider shelves idea

Practical solution par excellence, doors and sliding panels allow you to subdivide different spaces in your apartment with great elegance. The functional sliding panels can be hung without a floor track and custom made to fit perfectly to the configuration of your home. The curtains are perfect for creating a separation cheaply. You can buy well or do it yourself if you have a sewing machine at home.

Separator to make yourself pallet wood

Wood splitter piece original idea idea wood pallet diy closet

A light netting, tulle curtain or cotton and this is the separate room! If you want to create two separate living areas, there are many partitions solutions. You can choose a suspended partition without floor rail, for a very discreet effect. There is also the opening and closing systems silent. If you want to occasionally open and close the space in question, the sliding panels to create an open space, or, conversely, privacy.

black piece and separator design

room divider idea stylish design modern living room

You certainly have a library or furniture that can serve you as a room divider. This is a very easy solution for separating a room into two, while keeping the option to undo the configuration. Whereas if you had embarked on renovation work, the changes would be irreversible. The storage facility is a fully scalable solution. Library simple locker bookcase, drawer ... you choose!

Screen with photographsroom divider screen picture brainchild separate parts

Original design a room divider

room divider screen design very original idea camilla richter

Open spaces are welcoming and functional. Some inhabit such a space is a choice, for others - the only solution that optimizes their small apartment. Thanks to the many room divider solutions, one can find any kind of idea to choose one that best matches our desires.

Wooden shelf to visually separate two rooms

separation piece wooden shelf space library storage room floor mats made of natural fibers

In most cases, this is to separate the lounge from the kitchen, the dining room to room or kitchen in the dining room. Since the latter two have similar functions, separation does not always see necessary. As for the living room and the kitchen, it depends on your preferences. All three parts are the social area of ​​a living space, and it is not so surprising that some people do not find it necessary to install a room divider.

As for the bedroom and its separation from the social area, here it is better to find a visual separation solution for your privacy. Below, we see an original piece of separator idea representing a white wooden grid. A practical and aesthetic choice because the grid allows light to pass and the white color blends perfectly with the scenery surrounding it.

original room divider

separator piece idea small partition Apt

One of the most practical room dividers, it is undoubtedly the library. Put away his collection of books, CDs, LPs, some decorative items ...

A library with storage: a handy room divider

separator room brainchild separation library room with storage

Kitchen and dining room: room divider idea

original room divider cheap designer kitchen dining hanging lamp wooden table

Library with storage

original room divider cheap wooden bibli white sofa carpet design in natural materials

Small apartment idea of ​​separation of space

idea separation nonremovable room room room

original piece of separation idea

library separation piece wooden table chairs

A screen design Enzo Mari

separate room screen small apartment design idea enzo March

Screen and orange design: practical and decorative

orange room divider screen nice orange design

wooden room divider

idea separation space small apartment big bed pillow comfort parquet kitchen table stools

Door sliding wooden barn

idea living room sliding door separating white wood soft mat

The screen: removable room divider

separate white screen simple wooden piece cheap a practical solution

Porte piece original design separatorscreen cork design holes separation wooden table radiator space

idea nonremovable separation wood parquet glass shelves

elegance privacy curtains soft inner piece soft and light separation groundsheet

original idea furnishings white wooden chaise lounge separate piece parquet

bibli separate room table decoration idea brainchild wall sofa wooden and natural material storage bibli

Idea workspace separation

bed separate office space blank screen idea rose black leather chair table bouquet of flowers curtains Louis XIV screen room luxury design style separator

Separate with veils and curtains for a soft and elegant side

curtains separate the brainchild piece floor mat white interior room dream

child separation bed room idea shelves storage space decoration idea

Large white library that separates the living room from the bedroom

how to separate the small apartment'espace idée pratique pas cher bibli étagères blanc

Two ideas of separation piece with wooden grids

wood wall for small studio

development-from-home-original-idea-wall-breaker for-wood-kitchen-dining area

his room divider is chosen in function of the parts and needs. For avid readers, installing a library found a dual function and will be very convenient. For others, the installation of a sliding door or panel enough.

Separate the living room of his dining room

superb geometric room divider

original room divider green

clever room divider with mounts for messages

A room divider idea to build yourself? Here's a funny idea of ​​separation and decorative branches with very original and funny tree:

bamboo partitions for an exotic rustic air

We do not need to select a privacy room divider. Not to lose in brightness, opt for separation solutions that let light pass.

original room divider suspended shelves

Separating the dining room of her salon in installing a double-sided fireplace? What a good idea ! Its installation will take some investment, but you'll be happy in winter ...

A double sided fireplace: expensive separation but so warm ...

fireplace design with storage space

elegant living room interior which was only separated from the entrance of the apartment by a white shelf of interesting design. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!

Separation white shelf: living room and entrance

Design shelves serve partition between two rooms

Room divider for the workspace

In search of a room divider for your office? Look at this interesting separation grid was installed in an open office space, designed in industrial style:

Room divider: 33 ideas to maximize your space

Curtains: lightweight and affordable. This room divider solution is suitable for every budget and every style of interior. Separate without closing: Here the basic principle that must be respected by choosing the room divider solution. If you already have an open space, it is obvious that you do not necessarily want to lock him up again!

Separate two spaces with curtains: nothing simpler!

a black curtain to separate two parts visually

Hope you find inspiration and you have found the idea of ​​separating part for your living, we wish you a very good visit on our site! We also invite you to visit one of our other articles on this subject.

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