custom dressing and the realization of a dream

dressing custom large comfortable room

The custom dressing, or any short-dressing, is the ultimate dream of everyone who would like to have a lot of space for their belongings, clothes and others.

The dressing would allow them to have everything in front of them and be able to prepare in comfort and freedom before going out somewhere.

tidy custom dressing part of the bedroom

tidy custom dressing room

Some would say that the cabinet is perfectly sufficient for clothes, dressers that are sufficient to put the machine and an entire room, instead of becoming a tote can be arranged differently and used to live.

Dressing to measure small and chic in a gray room

dressing tailor chic little gray room

There are dressing rooms that are part of the chamber and thus occupy a very small space, the space would occupy a large wardrobe if it was there. They are, nevertheless, in most cases, separated from it by the doors. Yet there is a difference between a cabinet and a dressing room and this difference lies in the fact that in the latter, you can even put shoes and organize it however you like, while a cabinet is unchanged.

custom Dressing small, charming and cute

dressing tailor charming little mimi

If it is not possible to create a space in a practical and effective measure dressing room, because you know that you need an architect for this, or if it is difficult to put doors separating you like this space to convert the rest of the room, there is another possible solution. You can very well take a very large wardrobe just to use the doors, sides, some of its shelves or closet and instead of being forced to ride it as it was previously designed, you can absolutely put drawers inside and store as you like.

Landscaping dressing in a transparent cabinet with smart storage

dressing transparent intelligent storage cabinet planning

The best is to have enough space to not make sacrifices to have a dressing room. A local or a room dedicated to the dressing room, it is the dream! Y get to really look at what you can get or think without staying naked in the middle of his room and risk being seen by someone standing at home, or worse, by its neighbors, is total luxury.

Landscaping dressing for men and women engaged in society

man woman dressing committed development company

Y spend some time knowing that nothing will fall on your head, for example, because you have so much space available, and know that you have entirely your privacy and comfort, can be a sensation really reassuring.

dressing furnishings in a room with wardrobe: a huge room for a successful preparation

Dressing room furnishings local enormous successful preparation cabinet

Who does not dream of having at its disposal a whole wall just to store his shoes; be able to have them on the shelves mounted along the wall and admire them for decision making which pairs would be good.

dressing Facilities free and modern woman in a small room

Dressing room furnishings modern woman free

Having a dressing has only positive sides. This space belongs to you fully and you can dress and undress without there always super careful where you leave your business. It's not as if you had a wardrobe where you throw everything as you intended. A wardrobe can never stay very long messy because you'll never find your way. Now if your wardrobe is in total chaos, store is not a task which must be done at any price right now.

dressing furnishings in a spacious room with cupboards, drawers and shelves

Dressing room furnishings Spacious closets drawers shelves

It's obviously nice when everything is tidy but to leave everything perfect is not a necessity or something primordial. After all, this is for! This is for you are feeling well and comfortably. Furthermore, comfort is sometimes in chaos.

Landscaping splendid dressing room, chic and stylish

splendid furnishings chic stylish dressing

It's good to have a dressing room because you can do everything, really everything: your clothes of course, but your luggage, your personal things that you can not store your library, your ski, your coats you always wear during the winter months, your shoes, your tennis racquet, old helmets that you have not yet dared to throw, etc.

customized dressing for parents of a modern family

dressing tailor Parents modern family

If your cabinet has no doors and it is opened and its contents are visible, this cabinet is one of the dressing rooms of a different type.

Dressing like an open cupboard in a huge piece of rest and preparation

dressing room opened huge rest preparation cabinet

Sometimes a simple closet installation is considered an ultra-modern dressing, even futuristic. What is chic and beautiful transparency and visibility!

Dressing ultra chic and modern: custom closet

dressing chic ultra modern custom closet

It is obvious that everything well organized in a modern type of dressing. You can not afford your business to hang around the room or they are not properly folded on the shelves. Pedantry in this case is even advisable.

extremely chic dressing for business man and chic woman

dressing extremely stylish man stylish businesswoman

The dressing on female measuring always hides a lot of charm. The colors and storage are a pleasure to the eyes.

woman dressing in a corner room with cupboards, drawers and closet

woman dressing room corner wardrobe closet drawers

Let your wardrobe or pastel colors or glaring colors, it does not matter. What matters is that the contents of your wardrobe, ladies, is carefully chosen. Are stored as what you wear is a thousand times more fun if you rangiez all your old stuff that you never touch. Be bold and dare! This is part of femininity!

Dressing custom pastel colors for modern woman

custom dressing pastel colors modern woman

This dressing is our favorite heart! Everything is perfect - the storage, the colors, the care with which the clothes and other items are selected ... Like?

Dressing on measurement type shot heart

dressing custom heart stroke

Here is the dressing room of a child's room. The concept is even simpler than other dressings. For child drawing curtains to hide storage of children's affairs just perfect.

custom tidy dressing room in a child's room

custom dressing child teenager storage

Here is another perfect fit to be exposed in a store. This is the dressing for men and women! In this exceptional symmetry, you see an exceptional storage.

huge custom dressing, chic and luxurious perfectly tidy

dressing on huge extent chic luxury in perfect order

When you have a lot of room, you can even separate the man's clothes from those of women in the arranging them opposite each other.

Dressing on huge extent, a luxury place

dressing on huge luxury measure

Here with what rhyme female independence and strength. This little corner for Women's Affairs is full of color and charm.

Dressing tailored for modern and independent woman

custom dressing independent modern woman

The following dressing is one of the largest among those, shown in this article. It is the expression of luxury and grandeur. This is more than a dream to have such a space and storage.

luxurious and spacious custom Dressing

dressing on spacious luxurious measure

Another corner for business for children. Everything is in the same style and everything is carefully selected and stored. Clothing colors go well with the colors of the room decor.

Dressing small measure in the nursery

custom small children dressing room

Here is how a teenager would rank her room and in particular custom dressing. Miss has everything it takes to put all his belongings, including jewelry and bags.

Landscaping smart dressing for an independent teenager

Intelligent design independent teen dressing

adult dressing storage of clothes and accessories

Storage dressing adult clothing accessories

If you watched Sex and the City, you may have noticed the resemblance of the next dressing room with one of Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the series. His was more cute but the idea is there - have a corner where you have your weapon of seduction and personal satisfaction, when you say that if you're enjoying it there, you will feel good everywhere - it is surely pleasant to experience such a sensation.

Dressing tailor in a small room dedicated to him and perfect clothes storage

dressing tailor small room dedicated storage clothing

Again, the cabinet can not just get such satisfaction because the visibility of what you have and what you can put is not the same. It's true that everyone knows what he has at his disposal, but the ease with which you choose your outfit watching while in front brings more confidence.

custom Dressing small, feminine, charming

custom dressing female lovely little

Look at the following two dressing! How chic! What comfort!

Dressing to measure in a large piece of pure luxury

Custom dressing ample room luxury

separate transparent customized dressing a deluxe

Custom transparent dressing room luxury

And here is another area reserved only for women. The mirrors on the drawers and the toilet will allow you to have complete visibility into your outfit, including shoes or boots.

Dressing closet of a coquettish woman and neat

dressing closet neat coquettish woman

Power your belongings into different categories is pure bliss. Everything is there before you.

Dressing closet large, practical and intelligent

large closet dressing smart practice

If you decide to start your own dressing yourself, here's how you can do it. A true carpenter work.

Dressing: DIY or how to arrange his room corner

diy dressing room corner develop

If additional space, you can use it fully. A good architect would always see how to use the space more intelligently.

DIY dressing or putting cupboards, wardrobe and drawers

Dressing up DIY wardrobe closet drawers

There are different types of drawers with sections in order to store your socks, your belts, your buttons if you want.

dressing closet: Part drawers to put various accessories

dressing closet part drawers various accessories

The dressing shown in photo below is a space all in one. All drawers, wardrobes and shelves are there and you can store everything there. The space is a little crowded but at least you do not have to worry about anything regarding where to put the dressers at home. Often they are not as pretty as practical and choose the same style as the rest of your furniture is not easy to do. Taking what is practical and perhaps less beautiful, simply install it where the style is irrelevant.

Built small and convenient dressing smartly furnished

small closet dressing smartly furnished practice

If you have clothes of all colors that you find beautiful and you really like to wear, you can hang them on rods freely without worrying about the intimacy of the space in which you are planning on storing. That the place is open to the room or you they have found any corner, the important thing is that nothing is bothering you at the intimate or private nature of the place where you leave your personal belongings .

dressing category ordering of objects for improved visibility

Storage category dressing objects visibility

What woman would not want to show her collection of beautiful shoes she is surely proud of? Why miss the show and be bored to hide in a custom dressing room where no one would dare enter in because of his private and intimate nature? Have available shelves only helps better to choose which of her shoes to wear.

dressing Storage New York-style charming and chic

style dressing storage charming chic New York

But hey, at the same time have a huge space for those times when you want to get ready and stay quietly with yourself just to think or you decide what to wear or do is invaluable. We admit that for us it is a luxury that everyone should be able to afford it and live it.

Storage huge dressing objects in small numbers with potential

Storage dressing huge objects few potential

Crowded or empty, this space is vital for you when you want to have control over things and feel good. There is nothing better to be able to experience the feeling of well control his own life, his own addictions, its own chaos. Assume that you have and please you in comfort, right to have a customized dressing!

perfect dressing Storage and rich clothing choice

Storage perfect choice rich clothing dressing

custom dressing storage over a large area

custom dressing much storage space

dressing visible storage for convenience and comfort

storage facility visible comfort dressing

dressing visible storage, smart and friendly

Storage nice smart dressing visible

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