The chevron pattern: perfect for home decor

Wall deco chevron pattern

The reason chevron is a shaped pattern of "V". It was originally a weaving pattern but it has become fashionable for a wide variety of designs and styles for inside.

The chevron or 'stop herring "as it is also called is a very good reason to be incorporated in spaces that need a refresh or visual texture. It is very easy to incorporate into the background - for example on the floor or walls.

The chevron pattern as salon decor

deco lounge chevron floor coating

In this article we offer some interesting ideas how to decorate your home with the reason for the stop herring. You could for example choose a flooring with this design - this type of flooring is always in fashion and it is also very stylish. You might as well decorate your bathroom with the rafter tiled in black and white as you will see on one of the pictures. The stop herring is a great way if you want to visually separate a space of another one highlight some space in your home. You could use this trick in the kitchen, the living room or bedrooms. See photos for more ideas:

kitchen flooring idea

decoration kitchen floor coating chevron

Bathroom decoration in black and white

idee deco room bathroom tiles chevron

Modern kitchen design

chevron pattern kitchen floor coating

kitchen wall decoration

modern kitchen deco wall

Home interior decor

original art deco

Bedroom with a blanket with herringbone

deco bedroom bedtime blanket

Traditional cuisine with white wall tiles

deco kitchen wall tiles

Traditional white kitchen

deco modern white kitchen

kitchen wall decoration idea

deco kitchen wall covering

interesting decorative panel

artistic deco interior

modern and interesting interior

Original interior deco floor

Decorative wooden wall

deco wall wood

Design Bathroom Decor

deco wall bath room

deco red white ceiling

interesting multicolored decoration floor

Original deco room bathroom

idee deco room bed

deco wood ceiling idea

decoration ideas kitchen design

modern deco furniture wood

modern deco wallpaper

interesting wall wallpaper

multicolored wall wallpaper

Modern wood ceiling stopped herring

bath room deco gray

deco room bathroom floor

luxury bath room design

outdoor terrace deco

deco outdoor garden allee

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