The original carpet – a bold choice for your living room

original contemporary rug

The original carpet is an essential element in your interior decoration to embellish your soil and give character to each of your parts. The belt helps to create the mood at home while personalizing your decoration.

But few people allow themselves as carpets and original materials and quirky. Here, all daring are allowed to bring originality to your home button. You will find in this selection a wide range of rugs with unusual shapes - grid, rounded, irregular or mosaics; discover new forms!

There are no prohibited forms for an original carpet

original carpet sheetlike

Graphics, colorful, fun, plain or patterned, it is time to rediscover the decorative potential of the original carpet! Indeed, the time when these were used simply to hide an unsightly soil is now gone because now the carpets are displayed as a full decorative accessory and warm the atmosphere of the house. Whether you are looking for modern rugs or carpets rather original form and geometric squares, our collection will satisfy you. So you can impress your friends!

Carpet imitating an English garden by Florian Pucher

Carpet imitating an English garden by Florian Pucher

Safe and good taste, the living room carpet with classical motifs and high fiber welcome your sweet autumn evenings flawless. But for rich tones within, rather choose an original carpet. Reversible modern rug striped of all colors, blue patchwork rugs or carpets modern triple in various shades: without too much eccentricity, you will find one that will complement your floor.

floor mats fixture

floor mats fixture

The patchwork is transformed into an artistic carpet

Patchwork artistic carpet

Puzzle soil in bright colors

Puzzle soil in bright colors

The pink color as the carpet design

Pink carpet design as color

round Contemporary rug in natural colors

Contemporary rug Round

Carpets made of pebbles

original mat stones

Carpets made of meringues

original rug meringues original wool rug by Karim Rashid original carpet like a colorful sun

bright colors of the original carpet original carpet with flip flops leather Recycled Carpet

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