Style Shabby chic: a modern apartment in Manhattan

shabby chic style modern idea development The Shabby chic style was largely successful in France. Do you like the polished furniture for time? If you are addicted to antique décor and appreciate many old things, you may know it, but it's highly possible that you are a fan of shabby chic style!

We invite you to visually discover this apartment in Manhattan that is both modern and shabby chic.

Shabby chic style: Light inside lounge and aged mirror

modern living room style shabby chic white sofa wall decoration

The principle of this style is simple preference for light colors, antique furniture or with aging effect for an authentic look. This is a trend that is "vintage" but in terms of furniture and no clothes. In reality, the origin of this style is Rachel Ashwell. This is an English who went to live in the sunlight in California in the 1980s His first design shop was opened in Santa Monica. She knows, right now, a great success. Some years are enough to make it world famous. Today, the formerly small shop is a large chain of stores known as Shabby Chic. Rachel Ashwell wrote a significant number of works to deliver the secrets of its decoration. Do you know the secret formula? It's very simple: it mixes objects from the Chinese culture, the items found in the recycling craft, sometimes it is as restoration and crafts to create, finally, this unique and eclectic style that is the shabby chic!

Style Shabby Chic: Decorating Ideas

develop modern apart shabby style design

This apartment in Manhattan is a curious example: it is both in Shabby style while remaining modern. In reality, if you like good old things, do not put too much especially not to lose their individual charm. Here the example below, representing the living room of the apartment in Manhattan, which shows how with little decoration and two brightly colored objects you can recreate this style in your home. The decoration consists of a composition of the left frame of a bouquet of yellow flowers on the table and a retro mirror.

The living room, Design Tara Benet modern apartment shabby idea Deco style

The workspace arrange workspace style shabby pink design of furniture The bathroom light blue shabby bathroom bathroom furniture idea

The kitchen in white and light greendevelop modern white wooden furniture kitchen

Decoration with former executives apartment style decoration idea shabby modern plant design

Floral decoration with yellow flowers

flower vase white wooden tray idea white sofa Composition frames composition framework-deco-shabby

yellow vase modern apartment shabby style vase yellow cushion

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