Small apartment with Scandinavian interior in Stockholm

Scandinavian interior small apartment

Ah, the beauty and charm of the north are well known! We have already spoken several times of the Scandinavian design often used for decoration in the garden or terrace.

Today we will see theScandinavian interior more detail. But first what Scandinavian-style decor?

The term Scandinavian design became popular in the 50s in Scandinavia. It is used to designate a motion characterized by simplicity, the minimalist and functionality.

Scandinavian Interior small apartment in Stockholm small Scandinavian interior apartment

The main idea ofScandinavian interior that is beautiful and functional objects should be accessible to everyone. The Scandinavian design is a mix of light and colors where white color occupies a very important role. This is again a convergence of functionality and original design. In the Scandinavian interiors we can often see modern objects next to objects vintage style which makes this a very interesting decor.

interesting decoration with glass wall Scandinavian glass wall inside

The idea that the Scandinavian decor is modern but rigid is a prejudice. The key is to successfully decorate the room so that it is functional is comfortable both. And this is the purpose of this little apartment that you will see in this article. There is 34 m2 but has everything you need and the glass wall gives the impression of a spacious and airy.

Modern Scandinavian design Salon Scandinavian interior deco salon

Modern interior in gray and white Modern Scandinavian design lounge

Scandinavian design idea deco modern Scandinavian cuisine

Original design and convenient apartment Scandinavian idea deco apartment

Built fireplace deco apartment Scandinavian fireplace

Interior decoration mix of styles Scandinavian design small apartment

White Kitchen in practice deco Scandinavian cuisine

rustic wooden coffee table modern Scandinavian interior decor

Scandinavian deco idea

Scandinavian deco terrace

white bath room deco

Scandinavian modern bath room

Scandinavian apartment building map

Plan small apartment building

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