The plant walls – perfect for modern interior

plant idea deco living room walls

Each year many of pause in the planet Day and take time to think and worry for the future of the environment. Others try to make small changes to their lifestyle by adapting some "green" additions inside.

The urban jungle we live offers us very little space to try to adapt to our domestic ecological and natural way of life, but one thing is sure - the green walls are a nice exception. With the rapid development of hydroponic and modern designs, green walls are cool and contemporary and a very interesting way to have a kind of end in itself.

The green walls are perfect for modern interiors living plant walls original design

The green walls are no longer reserved for patios and gardens. The concept comes from very far with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon beautiful. But without going to turn your home into an indoor garden, you may very well choose and adopt a wall to turn it into a small island of nature. It's so elegant and it is not difficult at all. Here are some ideas:

Contemporary living room decorated with an original green wall green walls idea deco stay

A great green wall for a piece of nature at work contemporary deco design

The green wall is always a good idea deco inner wall vegetal

Deco Modern design space Plant design decoration walls

Dining interesting deco modern dining room

Original idea for the kitchen modern kitchen deco idea

minimalist interior idee deco modern living green wall

natural and ecological decoration Plant original idea walls

Interior ultra modern design living plant walls contemporary design

vegetal wall bed room idea

Modern interesting vegetal wall

Modern design living vegetal wall

modern living room wall deco living Scandinavian

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