23 tiles and modern design for your interior decor

original modern gray tiles

Usually we associate the tiles with the bathroom or kitchen. Nevertheless there is a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular and that is to use tiles for decoration of the other rooms in the home.

And it's really a good idea as you will see from the pictures in this article.

The tiles as decoration for any room in the house deco modern living room tiles

There are a multitude of tiles design from which you could choose if you decide to decorate your home this way but know that it is very important to choose the right appropriate tile architecture and style of your room.

The type most used tile remains ceramics and porcelain that have the similar look but are really different. You can also choose the mosaic has an impressive effect and is perfect if you are looking for an original design for your walls.

Discover our original ideas for tiled walls by Fioranese!

Bathroom decor with wood imitation tile tiled bath room wood

gray tiles used for kitchen decor gray tiled kitchen design

bright modern blue tile design blue deco tile design

Tile interesting that mimics wood deco imitation wood tiling

Modern relief tiles wall tiles deco design

two-tone tile design deco beige tiles

Deco Lounge with tiled walls interesting deco tiles

modern tile in white embossed Relief white tile design

original interior deco with tiles white original terrain tiling

tiled bath room wood

Wall tiles multicolored design

modern wall deco tiles

deco walls and floor design

deco original walls and floor

interior walls and floor

deco living room wall tiles

modern tile design idea

idee deco tiled hall bath

idee black tiles living balnc

deco white tile idea

deco kitchen tile idea

deco walls kitchen idea

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