36 original ideas for wall decoration for your home

Wall blue sofa Lounge low table decoration

The Wall decoration is an element that will give elegance to your interior. The decorated walls will give color to the room and will make it cozy.

But as is well known to most of us, the inspiration does not come easily and we are not as creative as we wish. And wall decor is not as easy in itself.

interesting wall decoration in black and white

modern black white wall decoration

That is why we have made a small selection with beautiful interiors Wall decoration which can serve as inspiration if you decide to revamp your walls. You will find some very interesting wall decoration ideas in our pictures that can be practiced in any room of your apartment or house. See our tips, check out these decorating ideas and try them!

original wall decorationwall decor modern living room wall

Your walls lack color? Experiment with paint and try to create beautiful effects of color and form. Painting is the deco wall which costs next to nothing, you can keep it long and use it everywhere. Warning to think about protecting your furniture and your floor before you start painting your walls! Here's an idea decorative wall painting in blue and purple:

Wall decoration with paintmural wall decor living room sofa cushions lamp

The wall decoration with 3D effect is highly regarded for its futuristic side. It allows to play with the shapes and dimensions of the room. This is undoubtedly one of the most original wall decor ideas.

purple wall decoration in reliefwall decoration in purple deco living room wall

There is one sentence or an extract from a song or a book that touches you deeply? To always put in a good mood or to motivate you every day, here is an original wall decoration idea: mark this sentence on one of the walls of your bedroom! You can write it with paint or markers. Here is how it was done in this room industrial style white:

Wall Deco industrial style white

industrial style wall decoration

The wooden wall decoration allows to hide an old wall or a wall that lacks luster. Dress a wooden wall warm as any interior.

Idea for wooden wall decoration

Modern wood wall decoration

Modern living room with wood siding

Wall wooden living room decoration

colorful wall decoration bathroom

wall decoration room design bath

The wallpaper is one of the least expensive wall paneling solutions. It exists in a variety of colors and patterns. Find wallpaper that best fits our needs is quite easy. The wallpaper will ask less means that the installation of a wood cabinet, for example.

Deco salon with wallpaper

white black wall wallpaper decoration

minimalist wall decoration idea

modern white wall decoration

Living in a technological age, we see less and less of wall clocks. Yet it is convenient and it makes a beautiful wall decoration ... period! The wall clock is perfect for a country-style interior, country and why not - modern.

Living room with rustic wooden decor

wood wall decoration idea

wallcovering wood shade lighter

wall decoration wood stay

The brick wall is a decorative element in itself. If you want to put more value or you seems empty then decorate it. Paintings, black and white photographs, decorative objects - especially do not overdo it!

Patio decorated with walls of bricks bricks wall decoration idea

Make a composition of various sizes of frames is also a good idea for cheap hide imperfections of a wall or to give him a little pep. If your interior is very dark or lacks color, create a frame styles for an eclectic composition side.

Decoration design and modern apartment wall decoration apartment design

very original interior apartmentgray wall decoration idea

Decorate the walls with mirrors allows to play with the visual dimensions of the room. If your space lacks depth or you see too small, install one or two mirrors! They allow you to create an interesting visual effect and visually enlarge your room.

very luxurious wall decoration luxury decoration interesting wall

Decorate the walls with lighting? Useful, practical and aesthetic! There is nothing better than to enlighten his area gently. Many people forget that lighting is central to the decor of any room. It highlights the interior.

interior decoration entirely of wood deco wood interesting idea

What wall decoration for an industrial style living room? If your walls are clad in concrete, you have the choice to leave them empty for a minimalist decor side, or decorate them with frames. Knowing that the concrete is gray, we advise you to install the photo to black and white or a pretty picture.

modern industrial decor deco modern interior design

Black walls Decoration deco black mrale idea

The most modern wall decoration is either absent or present and practice. We love how people in this apartment decorated their walls with a collection of ties and hats:

modern and original LoungeWall deco eclectic apartment

open kitchen

Modern wood wall deco

Stone wallstone wall deco wood

Deco white wall deco wall idea mirrors

Quilted Wall deco wallpaper walls

black and white photo compositionwall decoration pictures interesting

Deco reddecoration red white living room wall

minimalist interiordeco white modern living

Invite the art in your living room, opting for a wall decoration with a painting - abstract or surreal landscape - you decide which is your favorite style!

great picturedeco lounge murs- nteressants

wood clad walldeco living wood walls

Wall decoration with mirrordeco stay gray white walls

If your room is colorful and you mixed different shades and textures, then it is best to choose a minimalist style decor to make it contrast.

Large open living roomdeco living wall covering

rustic interiordeco style traditional wooden walls

abstract paintingdeco original design idea

minimalist Tabledeco design wall idea

modern living roominteresting wall decoration idea

Like reading? Install shelves and decorate your walls with books! Here is a wall decoration ... smart!

idea wall wood coating interesting

brick wallInterior modern apartment interesting

Do you like music ? You play the guitar? If you have your own collection of guitars, then expose it and decorate your walls!

Guitar CollectionModern wood interior walls

Interior industrial styleModern industrial style interior

Table decor Wallultra modern deco interior

ultra modern deco interior walls

minimalist interiorModern white gray wall covering

open elegant spacemodern living room wall wood coating

Deco idea original stickersadult modern design room

Deco Wall stickers Wall deco adult room

Deco idea wall nurseryWall deco bedroom child

Deco feminine wallWall deco original design

Interior refined stylewall deco modern idea

Black and white compositionblack white deco wall

Christmas decoration idea Wallred white deco wall

Deco brilliant wallinterior decoration living room walls

shelves Wall shelves design wood

Decorative wall plates withmodern interior deco idea

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