Solid wood is a more than rustic furniture

solid wood rustic lounge

Generally when talking about solid wood is, beams, planks, battens, rafters, plates and strips. The cabinet will now take revenge and time of victory rang with the intervention of Alexander and Matteo Bagnai.

The collection evokes the world of the novel. And an incredibly rustic and indigenous nature, purified and sophisticated.

The diameter of a hardwood tree trunk, became a carrier for cosmetic mirror

tree trunk became support for mirror

Modern loft with glass walls to the rustic cottage, the collection as a whole or some parts, these creations of the collection "The Mountain Collection of tree trunk furniture" will surely find a majestic place to stroll. A nice natural color and a good grain are the characteristics of solid wood mainly in the trunk.

Stool made of solid wood trunk with white feet

stool is solid wood trunk

The solid wood furniture presented here are all the pieces cut from a tree trunk in diameter. The table, bench, mirrors, stools and shelves, they are treated with natural waxes or drown in dyes and hand-finished. The basis for the stools and tables are natural metal or bronze, lacquered or matted in black or white.

A bench with silver feet, it becomes poetry

bench with silver feet

These solid wood pieces are simply captivating pieces. Functional furniture that will help bring nature inside your home. I think for a rustic decoration solid wood is to be the godfather.

The solid wooden bench in symbiosis with the table and glass surface

Solid wooden bench table surface glass

more detailed view of the bench with silver feet

Detailed view silver foot bench

The stools and different colors available for the furniture feet

different colors stools

A solid wood round table with a stool with the same color for the feet

solid wood panel

Extraordinary mirrors of different shapes finished by hand

extraordinary mirrors different forms

A mirror and a shelf hardwood

mirror shelf solid wood

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