Eames: an icon of contemporary design

Eames fiberglass rocking chair molding

She is seen everywhere and is easily recognized, it is the Eames ! With its elegant forms and the variety of existing colors, the Eames chair is so loved and appreciated for its appearance and comfort it is increasingly present in contemporary interiors.

Eames¹ plastic chair and light blue rockingblue rocking chairs furniture design chair

His story begins in 1948, when the designer Charles Eames and his wife Ray Eames designed a deck chair for the international contest Low-Cost Furniture Design. During the exhibition, organized at MoMA by Edgar Kaufman Jr., Robert Lewis and James Prestini, they present the prototype of the first plastic chair molded in one piece. It is thanks to the discovery of the technique of molding and plastic as the manufacture of this chair then becomes possible.

gray rocking chair Eames

rocker chair gray carpet floor design white rabbit Eames

The first chair was designed with metal legs and a wooden rocking base. Later, Charles and Ray Eames increase their collection of chairs experimenting with molding plywood and using their famous "Kazam! Machine "operating with a bicycle pump.

The "Kazam! Machine "source Eames office

Eames modern design trendy design

The first prototype of the chair was made of steel. The steel was then replaced with a plastic resin which is less expensive and, moreover, reinforced Zenaloy fiberglass.

Eames molded chairs in green, interior design Sergey Makhno Architect²

Eames chairs modern parquet kitchen interior design

In the 1980s, the fiberglass was already well known as hardware. Despite its greener side, the chairs continued to be made of plastic until the 2000s, when the production of recyclable polypropylene really began. And fiberglass emerges in 2013.

The iconic chair in yellow fiberglass with steel feet, Herman Miller

fiber chair design modern interior design steel glass

Today, the Eames chairs are made of plastic and fiberglass. Some models are also available in wood with a soft padding. Their colors vary: a neutral light tan to soft and pale blue.

Four Eames chairs in a room inside room clean, source: Studio Matsalla

dining room modern minimalist style pendant lamp luminaire design

The Eames chairs can be integrated ideally in the dining room, living room, home office and even in the bedroom. From sleek and elegant design, they always bring style. We can decorate with pillows or faux fur.

The Eames chairs always bring style, source: Lili in Wonderland

minimalist interior idea gray chair modern suspension luminaire design

The famous piece Eames Long Chair with ottoman was released in 1956. Inspired by the chair "English club", it represents a new version of its classic version and much more comfortable. It was even added to the permanent collection of MoMA in New York and the Art Institute in Chicago.

The famous Eames Long Chair is part of the permanent collection of MoMA Long black leather ottoman design wood chair modern trend

Lounge chair, ottoman and sofa design inspired by the classic Eames

Eames chair ottoman sofa chair design floor mats sofa white leather

black recliner with ottoman Eames in a modern interior

Eames chair ottoman ottoman yellow orange carpet wooden coffee table gray sofa

White chair with ottoman in a minimalist interior

Eames chair ottoman modern design of sofa'angle salon gris

Two icons of contemporary design in the same interior: the Egg chair and Eames chair

topos design studio floor mats modern design sofa chair beanbag cushions white lighting

modern interior designed by Sharon Neuman Architects

Modern leather armchair inside wooden chair wooden table lamp

There are also other models inspired by the design of the famous Eames chair. The LCW chair, lounge chair wood in English, was named the best design of the 20th century by Time magazine.

Eames plywood and moldedmodern chair Eames plywood chair design interior design

Available in a variety of colors and finishes, including a padded version, chairs are perfect for dining rooms and home offices. And unlike their plastic counterparts and fiberglass, molded wood chairs bring a lot of heat inside.

Eames plywood chairs with steel legs in a modern dining room

chair design dining room decorated plywood wall painting

Until now, it's Herman Miller that handles editing Eames chairs.

Plywood chair with wooden legsplywood chair modern modern interior design ideaplywood chair and steel legs with gray upholsterymolded wood design idea steel chairEames chair black aluminum with steel armrests

Eames armchair chair interior design black steelEames Armchair white with a wooden base and steel feet White Eames chairs steel timber design legs

The Eames chair is one of the greatest icons of contemporary design

molded designer coffee table Eames lounge chair modern deco frame

¹Eames Office

²Sergey Mahno Design

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