Milk desk – the ultra-modern white office

Milk office desk design table smooth white work

We present you an object that could easily become a coveted possession. Advancements in technology and design have now reached the sphere of furniture, and this latest desktop is the perfect proof.

The office "Milk Desk", probably name liable, at least in part to the bright white color and perfectly polished texture, is the work of Søren Rose, Danish designer.

In Milk Desk, everything is

Milk office desk design background cable connection

The design is sublimely minimal, and the finished result looks almost like an ancient sculptural pedestal, with thick square base of the office based on a larger plate for added stability.

The tray portion is thick enough, and was designed with a small footprint of the workspace in mind. In this thick white plate, matte or polished as you wish, a deep recess allows you to accommodate your tablet, and even load. Conduits for electrical company and cables are arranged in the vertical portion square.

Behind a cover, cables

desk milk cable grid design office

There are four square lids on the side concealing four openings. They allow to accommodate the accessory of your choice, including: paper trash, pencil box, or even an aquarium or flowerpot, to always keep nature a little present.

The office has nothing to envy in terms of ergonomics, with height adjustable tray with a simple touch of a button. The mechanism is electric and you can adjust the height depending on your position and height of your chair. If you want to work standing (which is actually very good for your health), Milk Desk follows suit.

The office comes in 4 sizes, the "classic" model that could become your ruffling the price of 3300 Euros.

Customize your Milk Desk

Milk office desk design niche iphone loading

An adjustable height

desk millennium modern office design soren rose

The tray's office voluntarily thick

Milk desk design polished white tray office

A niche becomes garbage paper

Milk design desk office paper bin

A team equipped with Milk Desks

desk-milk-office-design-station work-Team

The space is reduced to a minimum

Milk white design office desk soren rose

Personalize slots

Milk desk design office box square hole pencils

An aquarium quite minimalist

Milk thick slab office desk design aquarium Milk office desk design background cable screen Milk office desk design magazine location Place

Look at the desk height change

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