Idea tiled bathroom design inspiration bath

idea tiled bathroom furniture wood stone bathroom mirror design chair bathroom

Choosing tile for the bathroom is also define the interior design in general. If you are planting your bathroom and you need some fresh and original ideas, we advise you to discover our selection of over 75 examplesidea tiled bathroom modern design.

We present, first, five collections Fap Atelier whose Creta, Desert, Frame, Lumina and Supernatural. Next, three examples of bathroom REX design studio. Finally, bathrooms from Chrome collections, Dynasty, Flint, Impero, Epic, Lefka Maxi, Contempora, Lily and other studio Cerdomus and other examples that we inspired.

Idea tiled bathroom with 3D effect, Creta collection, Fap Workshop

bathroom furnishings idea white tiled bath gilded wood suspended luminaire elements

The CRETA collection is a refined collection that mixes natural materials captivating patterns. Each inspired by the traditional, but including a 3D texture to a more contemporary touch. The result is a room warm and inviting bathroom with shapes and a well harmonized decoration. This is a collection that is inspired by traditional to make it modern and current.

Idea bathroom tiles with different patterns

idea tiled modern bathroom decor design flower pattern

Idea gray tiled floors and simple idea tiled bathroom tile idea gray blue shower curtain design

gray embossed tile, light blue and pastel wood: nature feeling idea tiled bathroom shower gray wood furniture design

original tiled in black and whiteidea tiled bathrooms black white furniture wood stool mat

Luxurious bathroom with gray tilesidea interior bathroom tiles gray cabin suspended luminaire mirror in shower

relief tiles with 3D effectfurnishings bathroom wall tile floor covering idea Tiles with gray relief for a 3D effecttile idea fixture bathroom mirror hanging white bathtub

The second collection of Fap Workshop - Desert - is a blend of soft colors that create an elegant and discreet style. The delicate tones of stone tiles rajoutent a natural touch and lightness. The glossy surface effect is an element that complements and makes more alive inside.

Idea gloss tile, Desert collection Fap Workshop

idea tile bathroom tile white glossy modern design wooden coffee table bathtub

Nice shiny effect idea hall bath tile bath

Surface with terraintile bathroom light colored soft original idea sink Softness and elegance bathroom ceramic white decorative candle bath tile design

For a natural side opt for dining furniture wooden bathinterior bathroom ceramic tile tub porcelain sink low wooden table

relaxing atmosphere bathroom tile design beige wooden furniture bathroom mirror

Decoration with candle and cactus pink beige tiled bathroom design idea candle decoration plant wood table

Terrain tileRelief beige tiled bathroom modern furnishings steel bathroom sink

interior bathroom in neutral colors

convert black bathroom wall tile flooring and white

Tiles with black stripes, white, gray

develop bathroom sink tiled black white pattern design

The Frame collection consists of embossed bathroom walls with a light gloss effect. Soil is made of resin with a porcelain coating. The beautiful 3D effect walls play with the light and makes the interior more dynamic and alive. Some walls have small golden details, like the example below, that add a touch of elegance.

Room dynamics inside bathroom with embossed wall

idea tiled bathroom luxury design dark gray tiled bath shelves wooden bathroom cupboards

embossed wall with small black and gold elements idea tiled bathroom dark gray furnishings gilded wooden shelf units minimalist and contemporary styleidea room tiled bathroom toilet white design development

embossed wall with impressive 3D effectbathroom idea terrain white tile mirror silver table

Bathroom with two different tiles in the same color rangepink bathroom tile idea wood furniture lamp light Toilet Bathroom black parquet bath

Tiles with reflection effectroom idea gray tiled modern bathroom

Wall gilt terrain adding a touch of elegance and movementidea tiled bathroom modern tiles white gold design elements

original tile luxurious interiorlayout design golden lamp modern tile hanging mirror decorative candle

Version in blueblue tiled bathroom bathtub design idea

Version in pink idea tiled bathroom furnishings bathroom tiles embossed pink flowers deco white wood table

Version brownPlanning brown tiled bathroom

Terrain tile tiled bathroom beige bathroom tiles cabin closet Italian design bathroom shower bath white

relief wall tilesoriginal idea tiled bathroom mirror modern orange beige bathroom design

The strength of the light is revealed in the collection Lumina with white walls with ceramic tiles. The walls impress with their beauty. With their unusual 3D structure can create elegant lighting effects.

white tile embossed effect with glossy, Lumina collection

idea tiled bathroom collection white Lumina design wooden coffee table bathtub

Another version bathroom tiles gray white idea mirror cabin shower pouf white toilet Nice 3D effect: who said that white is neutral?white ceramic tile bathroom furnishings bathroom apartment bathroom design towel

welcoming interioridea tiled bathroom light fixture hanging wall flooring design white bath mirror

embossed pink tile patterntiled bathroom white original design modern pink pattern

modern interiortiled bathroom ground white roses shower wood furniture piece'eau parquet bois sol

white tile embossedfurnishings bathroom floor wall gray design white bathtub coating

Modern bathroom in minimalist stylebathroom wood Italian white shower chair design piece'eau

relaxing atmosphere Room furnishings white bathtub design pouf Italian shower cabin relief tiles tilefurnishings bathroom white black tile shower bath black

Delicate, natural, Supernatural pasta bianca collection is a set of white walls with ceramic tiles imitating marble. Their finishes make these walls perfect for different interiors while making them unique.

Decoration with romantic candles

modern interior bathroom tile idea deco design table brown wall covering ground tile idea for the floor and the bathtub carrelaga bathroom bath tiles gloss brown pink inside tiles-pink deco

very interesting Tilestile bathroom sink brown plant deco furnishings bathroom wall idea beige flooring

Gray Geometrybathroom design idea modern design pattern gray tiles

Tile paned tile elegant bathroom sink granite black flowers deco design coffee table

Small pink tilesidea tiled bathroom modern luxury bathroom sink design mirror bathroom shelves soft color develop modern tiled bathroom deco design

brown and shiny tiles tile modern bathroom design beige brown floral deco fixture Bath design Tiles yellow / whiteidea bathroom cabin layout Italian deco flower shower white interiorwhite tiled bathroom sink mirror bath idea development

REX is a workshop that provides an elegant and sophisticated design. We invite you to discover these three bathrooms from three collections - Slate, Alabastri di Rex and Matouche - of different styles and colors, but all with an inner sensuality and harmony.

Bathroom of Matouche collection blending elegance and natural materials

idea tiled bathroom black long wooden chair design bath design white tile embossedfurnishings bathroom design idea gray mirror tiles

Tile gloss tiletiled shower cubicle brilliant white Italian marble shower design

Technological innovation, dynamism and passion for contemporary design is the Cerdomus society. Over 40 years many designers use the best materials to achieve an exceptional interior design. Their collections Chrome, Dynasty, Flint, Impero, Epic, Lefka Maxi, Contempora, Lily and others illustrate a part of their work. We let you discover this selection of bathrooms with a modern twist.

interesting tiled in black and white

white black tile orange furniture bathroom mirror idea

classic and elegant interiordevelop mild bathroom tiles deco wall mirror flower

Idea for tiled bathrooms blackdesign layout black tile bathroom

Tile contrast well with the pastel bluedevelop modern cabin design bathroom shower pouf blue deco flowers

Green and wood: a classic weddingidea tiled bathroom arrange room green wood pendant luminaire design bath

gray tilesidea tiled bathroom convert en gray interior bathroom bathtub black deco design flower lamp

bamboo floor mats idea tiled bathroom convert wood decor bathroom toilet

blue tiles and tiles imitating bricks blue sofa bathroom design idea Deco idea tiled bathroom

gray wedding, orange and whiteidea tiled bathroom develop modern room modern interior gray tiled bathroom walls deco tables

dark blue tilesidea blue tiled bathroom sink design idea dark

Wedding light colors

idea blue tiled bathroom green bathroom design idea development vegetable plant deco modern design

idea tiled bathroom design

idea tiled bathroom Dunexo

room idea gray tile bath

idea room tile imitation marble bath

idea room tile black white bath

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