A storage compartment for your shower

a nice storage compartment

The storage bathroom is often a difficult task, especially when space is limited. We must therefore take advantage of every nook and optimize your space a clever way.

For inspiration, today we look at the storage compartment in your shower.

Beautiful storage niche that distinguishes itself by a dark coating

a niche that stands out tiles

A niche is the best solution to optimize space but to be able to integrate, you must be in the design of your bathroom to avoid major works.

elegant storage compartment L-shaped, to accommodate the larger bottles

Niche L-shaped

A niche in the wall will help you keep all these items and accessories that must be on hand in the shower. shower gels, shampoos, and so on. You can drop everything in this place without having to accumulate room furniture too bulky bath.

The niche blends into the decor and apple-green gives this bathroom a real character

storage compartment with even coating

Depending on its location, it is possible to use this location to beautify your home: scented candles, decorative items, customize your bathroom and enjoy yourself.

Large niche that also includes a mirror, perfect for cleansing in the shower!

a large integrated storage recess

The niche is indeed the best storage solution as it does not encroach on the surface and fades to give you more room. It can be simple or understand shelves to further optimize space. You can also install a small mirror as in our example above.

Two alcoves and a bench that can be used for more storage space

embedded storage niches

coating side, you have two options: choose the same material or choose a contrast, it is a purely aesthetic choice that belongs only to you.

The storage compartment is the way to go in small shower stalls

shower cabin with small alcove

A niche that stands out may be a design choice, and why not accentuate this space with integrated lighting. If you prefer a more minimalist look, keep the same tiled wall that within your niche for a homogeneous result.

Beautiful niche that blends into the decor of white tiles

long shower alcove for business

Above the niche into the background and, at first glance, hardly the remark. The minimalist style that prevails in this bathroom so puts simplicity and the white pedestal.

This bathroom has two alcoves near the shower and above the toilet

alcoves in two opposite walls

Above the bathroom has two alcoves, one side of the shower and another on the opposite wall above the toilet. Thus, the storage space is multiplied!

This alcove carved into the marble also includes a lighting design that highlights your items and accessories

apple high shower and alcove in marble

We love the detail above for several reasons. The alcove carved in stone exudes an irrefutable elegance reminiscent of the luxury Italian marble. Notice also the integrated lighting that enhances the shampoo bottles and can create a dramatic atmosphere if the main lighting is off.

Every corner has a small space

superb shower cabin with two alcoves

In short, a storage compartment is an excellent solution, especially in bathrooms and shower stalls are small. When space is limited, we must optimize every corner!

Niche separated into three to accommodate the whole family

niches built into the wall

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