Red bathroom: the color of passion

Red bathroom mirror idea indoor pool red furniture design

If you are trying to build or design your bathroom, you may have thought about which colors to choose for the interior. Have you thought about red? This is a very hot and intense color.

Some Like many, others find little discreet and even disturbing. If you want a bathroom red bathroom and if you want to create a harmonious atmosphere at the same time, a tip: put this color in small doses. Check out our gallery of photos bathroom with red element in its interior.

Hall red and white bathroom with original plant decoration

Red white bathroom decor bathroom layout design

Red is a rich color meanings. It brings to mind the heat and passion. He plays on the paradoxes. Representing both love and hate, life and death is one of the primary colors. Red symbolizes fire, strength, energy and blood. In large doses, this color penetrates and invades the space. In combination with certain colors, you can reduce its power and make it less present. It goes beautifully with light, neutral colors. Sometimes it is found associated with orange or pink. This marriage is original, but not always very aesthetic.

Pretty bathroom red bathroom with white bath and soil

development of red bath room chair white bath fixture bathroom

In the interior of bathroom found frequent married to white, black and gray. character color, the red should not dominate your pond as this can create a space choking sensation. We advise you to combine gently with white or just using it as an accent color. In the example above, the red and white are present in almost equal doses. As you can see, the red is slightly roser white.

red and original bathroom furniture bathroom red cabinet design mirror carpet red soil

Furniture and bathroom sink Red bathroom red wood bathroom mirror cabinet design

Nice design furniture in a bathroom with gray wallsdevelop modern interior room Red bathroom mirror

Room red and luxurious bathroom with suspended luminaireroom color white red pendant luminaire design bath

red accent in the bathroom: Italian shower cabin

develop red bathroom cabin in shower

Modern bathroom with red chair

color red cabin bathroom deco armchair comfort

Decorative frames and wall color marsala

colored bathroom wall marsala red deco frames bathtub

Idea of ​​red decorative items for the bathroom

furnishings bathroom accessories red flowers deco sink design red wood furniture towel

Small apartment with en-suite white and redcolor idea bathroom design red carpets red white furniture mirror shower wall sofa wallpaper

Luxurious interior with red armchair design pendant light majestic luxurious bathroom tub fixture design red chair suspended

Room original interior bathroom with red patterns, pink and whitedevelop space bathroom combination of design red pink colors Bathroom white interior bathroom with two lovely red accentsconvert color bathroom mirror lighting bath idea

Red Bathroom Accessories color bath towel red accessory

red and original bathroom tilesdevelop red tiled bathroom modern design bathtub bathroom color white white bath idea interior furnishings shower convert color bathroom idea green paint red furniture design lighting colored bathroom tile idea bathroom tile red cabin modern shower develop bathroom sink wall red white flooring white mirror

room furnishings black and white modern bathroom furniture black red toilet

color purple red room white modern gray bathroom design

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