Furniture for small bathroom: an original selection

furniture for small bathroom wall cabinet bathroom mirror white brick wall idea

Simplicity, beauty and functionality: the three basic qualities that define the furniture for small bathroom ideal. This space dedicated to daily personal hygiene is often designed as a place of wellbeing and relaxation.

Small or large, your bathroom deserves a refined design and materials of high quality. This piece is regularly exposed to humidity and we must choose the appropriate furniture - preferences natural materials. Today we present an outstanding selection of 45 ideas furniture design images for a small and cute bathroom.

Furniture for small Esperanto bathroom by Rexa

furniture for small bathroom sink wooden mirror wooden bench

Set up a small space is always a challenge for contemporary designers. Small studio, small room or small bathroom, those living in urban areas, often live in small apartments. Finding and functional furniture that does not take up too much space is not difficult. The hard part is to integrate the furniture in the room.

Furniture for small bathroom in pink with matching wallpaper in black and white

furniture for small bathroom design idea wooden wall wallpaper

The designer Monica Graffeo designed this bathroom cabinet wood bathroom for the Italian company Rexa Design. It is high and with doors. This closet wonderful lilac color is part of the Esperanto collection.

ideal furniture for a small and elegant water feature by Rexa Design

furniture for small room wooden bathroom furniture idea wallpaper wall

The Hole collection hole translated into French, is inspired by the well and their long history. At first it was only simple holes. The oldest well was found in Cyprus. For centuries this system has enabled man to have water.

mural design furniture very friendly Hole by Rexa Design

furniture for small bathroom wall develop concrete wall design space

Hole wall of the collection Bathroom Furniture wells represent "modern". Their shape is soft and pure with the black pool that invites to look inside and the furniture bottom. The round cabinets reminiscent of old tanks, they also redesigned and modernized.

Bathroom fitted with industrial-style small murals Hole

furniture for small bathroom white ottoman bath design concrete wall

The collection Hole fits beautifully in a style of interior or industrial minimalist bathroom. Why not match them with a round bath like the one above?

Dining industrial style bathroom with murals by Hole

bathroom bathtub design concrete wall suspended Deco furniture Wall

Marco Bortolin is the designer and creator of this piece simple and wall vanity with storage. Made of oak, it has a very soft pink color that integrates with a number of interior styles.

Furniture pink wooden vanity of Kyros collection round mirror with integral lighting

wall vanity mirror Round bathroom design small space

This furniture is produced by the Italian company Edoné, a leading bathroom furniture manufacturers and natural materials with sophisticated design.

Furniture elegant pink vanity, producer Edoné by Agora Group

vanity unit bathroom floor mirror pink white wall tiles

In the kitchen, the dining room or the bathroom, open shelves are always practical, particularly suitable for small spaces.

Idea of ​​organization and small bathroom layout with open shelves Acqua

furniture for small bathroom floor carpet red idea

Inspired by this idea, the designer Monica Graffeo designed the collection "Acqua e Sapone Bath", composed of open murals. Their structure is simple, design - elegant and discreet.

Furniture for open bathroom collection "Acqua e Sapone Bath" designed by Monica Graffeo

furniture for small bathroom design wall brick wall industrial design

The "Acqua e sapone bath" project takes into consideration the narrow spaces of the house, the bathroom and the laundry room or the whole bathroom for guests. It offers functional and distinctive solutions aimed to give an identity to these useful spaces.

The cabinet with lighting and built-in mirror

furniture for bathroom design idea illumination light

The cabinet is available with lighting and / or integrated mirror. It is not reserved only for the bathroom and can be placed also in the dressing room, the bedroom or elsewhere.

economic Bathroom furniture in use in space and practice

designer bathroom furniture modern wall shelf storage ideas

The Italian company Arblu is a leading designer solutions for the bathroom. Their collection Tulip is characterized by elements that are distinguished by the fine design, functionality and ease of installation; very few tools are actually required to install them in our own bathroom.

designer bathroom furniture, Tulip collection, producer Arblu

furniture for bathroom design idea mirror wooden wall carpet floor
Tulip collection consisted of two basins, a bathtub, a bracket, a rotating column, two shelves, towel rack, a cart on wheels and a hook. The material that Arblu used for the manufacture of these structures is painted metal, highly durable, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and does not age with time.

Furniture for practical and elegant bathroom, Tulip collection, producer Arblu

furniture for small bathroom floor mat design mirror red armchair

The painted metal is, above all, a material that blends perfectly with Tecnoblu a flawless brands of the company. The Tecnoblu is very resistant and renewable material, homogeneous, non-porous and not treated with varnish.

Furniture designer bathroom by Arblu Tecnoblu manufactured with the material: a trademark of the Italian company

furniture for bathroom design wooden wheels shower bathroom mirror

The main features of Tecnoblu are stain resistance and water, high temperatures and thermal shock. It is easy to maintain and clean.

Storage unit with wheels in two versions: black and white

convenient storage cabinet blue carpet floor sink tend idea wooden wall

Everything is easy to install and is ideal for small spaces, as cabinet with wheels, in three versions, black, white and beige:

And Beige Version!

modern design bathroom cabinet storage wheels yellow carpet floor

The Easy collection, designed by the company Inda is an ideal and elegant solution for ponds to limited space.

Bathroom Furniture small and stylish Easy

furniture for bathroom design idea develop small wall mirror space

Easy - Easy translated into French - includes small wall cupboards and a vanity laminate. Their design is sleek and stylish with a touch of femininity through the purple color of the drawers.

Easy, easy French: collection solutions for the elegant bathroom

sub basin bathroom sink mirror design pouf

The collection "Edit" is composed of cabinets and wall storage for bathroom. The name was not chosen randomly, in French "edit" results change. They can be installed in the toilet, dressing room or bathroom. They are available in different sizes and made to measure.

open wall shelves, Edit collection, producer NotOnlyWhite

Design wood storage shelves bathroom furniture trend

Bathroom Furniture low and wheels are a very practical solution for smaller living spaces. The designer Maurizio Duranti designed this elegant piece for Kerasan company. It is part of the collection units.

Furniture for bathroom with wheels, collection units, Kerasan

wood room bath castors furniture design idea develop space

The wall units are a good solution for parts that do not lack in height but in width.

Wooden cabinet by Boffi

modular furniture bathroom storage room wood design

Inda The company is a leading producer of practical solutions for the bathroom. Below, we see a fitted bathroom with suspended furniture design of their collections:

Furniture for bathroom with laminate vanity, producer Inda

bathroom cabinet mirror wall idea develop design space

The vanity unit is necessary for the development of each pond. If you are looking for a small and sleek and stylish design, look at this beautiful model designed by Lasa Idea:

Vanity unit, collection Syn 10, Lasa Idea

furniture bathroom design idea develop space

It is made of wood with glass shelves. The door that closes is a mirror outside and inside:

elegant bathroom furniture collection Syn 10

idea wood room furniture bath design develop fixtures

With their Venticello collection, the company Villeroy & Boch offers a simple and elegant solution for furnishing the bathroom. The design of the gray closet is very sleek and can integrate all design styles.

bathroom cabinet with drawers suspended, Venticello collection, producer Villeroy & Boch

furniture for bathroom design hanging toilet

A piece of furniture that serves two functions is undoubtedly a practical piece of furniture. This is the case of this beautiful stool / round closet, part of the collection of Aro Systempool company.

Stool / closet with wooden shelves, Aro collection, producer Systempool

functional furniture bathroom design idea develop

The Cloe collection by Edoné is composed of a series of modular bathroom furniture with different sizes and finishes. You can choose from a wide range of style to find one that fits your space and style. The furniture is made of lacquered oak.

Lacquered vanity unit and wall Cloe Edone

wood furniture design modern bathroom wall mirror bathroom wooden floor curtains

With its collection Ready-to-wear, the Regia company went beyond the classic design. She introduced a real element in the modern bathroom. The collection is available in a wide range of natural materials and colors.

Wall cabinet, KOS collection by Zucchetti

furniture bathroom modern trend tub chair design idea

Thanks to the excellent quality / price ratio, with many layout alternatives, the useful and practical proposals to the laundry room and the bathroom, Movida by Cerasa is a collection of ideal bathroom furniture for young couples new families. It is available in five finishes.

Vanity unit modular, Movida Collection producer Cerasa

furniture wood bathroom Moroccan tiles

For a room of functional, versatile and refined bath, prefer the bathroom furniture in wood and natural materials.

Cabinet with storage, producer Idea Group

furniture for small bathroom design idea bathtub trend

The minimalist open shelves are the ideal storage solution for small spaces: easy access and visual openness.

wall cupboard, Element Collection, Design Bruna Rapisarda

designer bathroom furniture shelf small bathroom

The wall shelf designed by Bruna Rapisarda for Regia, is made of wood and painted white. A integrate and install vertically or horizontally.

wooden wall cabinet, Element Collection, producer Regia

wooden cabinet wall mirror modern design idea

A simple furnishing system composed of storage cupboard with shelves and casters, it is the simple collection designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Ceramica Flaminia.

Unit with casters and drawers, producer Flamina

bathroom cabinet modern wood design idea develop

Open furniture is one of the best solutions for small bathrooms. Below, four storage units manufactured by the company Falper:

Small murals, producer Falper

wall furniture wood design chair closet idea

Falper The company has created a collection of wooden shelves for the bathroom, open and modern.

designer bathroom furniture for the stylish bathroom, Quatro.Zero collection by Falper

bathroom furniture modern bathroom storage design

A modular shelving system and design is the Treves collection designed by Piero Lissoni for Boffi Italian company. Some elements are closed by doors in different colors with a lacquered finish, while others are open.

wooden furnishing accessories, designer Piero Lissoni, Boffi producer

modern bathroom design idea arrange wood

Contemptation is a collection combining contemporary and classic elements. The teak furnishings are created for people attracted by the minimalist look of objects. The collection includes consoles and mobile cupboard units, which can be combined with a wide range of sinks and accessories. This way it is possible to adapt all at once to the space available and your preferences.

practical storage furniture in teak, producer Botania

bathroom wood cabinet storage design idea botania

What colors to choose for small spaces? It's obvious, the light colors are preferable! They have the power to illuminate and enlarge the pieces visually.

Wall cabinet, producer DEKO

idea develop space piece'eau papier peint noir blanc miroir rond

"Container Box" is a bathroom cabinet very interesting design. It is integrated into the wall. This is evident in a bathroom of industrial style.

Furniture "Container Box" with doors, producer EasyDrain

bathroom closet storage design idea develop

Wood is always on top for interior design thanks to its aesthetic qualities: natural, existing in many different finishes.

wooden wall cabinet, ready-to-wear producer Regia

wood cabinet storage wall bathroom mirror design idea

Regia offers two very interesting design units with an original decorative design. The aubergine is perfect to pair with gray and white.

Furniture design in purple interesting, producer Regia

purple wood furniture design bathroom mirror

A bathroom in black and white: it's always the class!

Room elegant bath in black and white, by KOS Zucchetti

furniture for small bathroom design idea modern black white bathtub

The ideal solution: install white furniture and open to visually gain space:

white wall unit, by KOS Zucchetti

develop modern bathroom design wooden shelf Wall bathtub

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