The stone bathroom: a great example

The bathroom stone bathtub natural stone wall

The stone bathroom is very fashionable lately. Perhaps because of its natural beauty, or for environmental reasons. The stone is undoubtedly the oldest building material known ones: it is used since prehistoric times as part of both construction and decoration.

The rough stone is a perfect idea for a private stone bathroom. Its properties of hardness and strength are incomparable.

The stone bathroom as a whole

bathroom stone whole room

In its original state, it has a wide variety of colors and characters. The example that you present today, is located in the house in the Rancho Alegre in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a spacious bathroom in rough stone, with a simple bath and large shower. His style is exactly what should be a private stone bathroom. The natural element is present everywhere in all its glory, in harmony with the little decoration accessories.

The totem water or large showerhead

The bathroom water totem stone or large shower head

The wooden ceiling beams add roughness, and so does the stone. Everything including bathtubs is coated with this stone, There are comfortable niches for all cosmetics and accessories for bathrooms that owners may need. There's also a large candelabrum and a wall of water cascading that perfectly complement the decor.

The stone bathroom is spacious enough is stylized

bathroom spacious stone stylized

Without forgetting of course, the chimney and bring more heat to the room that is also a great idea. To ensure an even better finish, adequate antibacterial treatment to thereby obtain a hygienic and safe coating for your room stone bathroom. Finally, to conclude, the estimated price for this wonder of 12.9 million dollars! But rest assured it is the price if you were the buyer Rancho Alegre located on 175 hectares in Santa Fe. New Mexico!

View from the shower of a stone bathroom

view bathroom shower room stone

View of the bath of the stone bathroom

bath view room stone baths
A bathroom and a blue color wall with natural stone

wall color blue natural stone bath room

Natural stone in bathroom

natural stone bath room

Natural stone of different colors in a bathroom

natural stone different colors bath room

Natural stone in a room of stylish modern bathroom

natural stone bath room

Sink in blue color in a stone bathroom

basin blue color stone bath room

Thai style stone bath room

beige natural stone bath room color

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