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It is wonderful to take a shower in a nice room comfortable and elegant bathroom. Even better is to have a shower design and functional! Today, a wide range of showers and tiles is offered on the market.

Luxurious and modern, some designs impress with their beauty. The problem is that often an object is described as "design" is not accessible to the budget. Refresh Want your shower and bathroom without breaking the bank? What tile shower choose for your bathroom? Discover our selection of examples of modern shower cubicles and find inspiration for the redevelopment of your original piece of water.

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At the end of a long tiring day, relax in a comfortable bathroom is a real pleasure. During its development, the choice of tiles for the walls and the floor is of great importance to the overall aesthetics of the room. First, the material chosen must be strong and solid. You can opt for concrete tiles for an industrial look, marble tiles for a luxurious look or a ceramic tile in your favorite color. This is only part of the wide range of materials available to you.

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Then you have to choose the shades and play with colors in the best way possible. The color combination is not a breeze. Rather, it is a critical moment that will determine the whole atmosphere in the room. You like red? Be careful to associate! The golden rule for successful association is not to combine more than three colors. Otherwise you risk creating a visually jarring inside and unwelcoming to relax.

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Two examples of bathrooms with a successful combination of colors. Marry blue and white was always a very good idea in fashion and interior design. These two colors are soft and blends wonderfully. The example below shows the possibility of granting shades of the same color. The choice here is the gray that is usually very neutral and soothing.

Living gray and white bathroom with walk in showermodern bathroom tiles gray white stool idea Italian shower

Hoping that you will find our inspiring and captivating gallery, we wish you a very good visit.

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