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Want a tattoo arm tattoo or forearm? This visible part of the body, especially in summer, is a place often chosen by future owners tattoos. Here's why we have selected a few of our favorite ideas tattoo arm.

tattoo arm shaft tattoo geometric tattoo

arm and forearm tattoo tattoo: ideas for an original tattoo

This is your first permanent tattoo? Great ! If the idea to make you an arm tattoo or stylish arm before, this article is for you. For ideas, original man and woman tattoos, modern and very stylish. tree tattoo geometric tattoo couple tattoo, flower tattoo, tattoo minimalist ... There's something for everyone!

Original arm tattoo arm tattoo idea woman

The first step to choosing the right arm or forearm tattoo

To choose his arm or forearm tattoo, he must first think about how you want to be visible. The answer to this question will already give you an idea of size your future tattoo. If you do not have a lot of experience and the art of tattooing is new to you, we recommend you start with a small discreet tattoo. You will easily get used to and then you can opt for a larger tattoo. Start step by step ...

tattoo arm tattoo idea minimalist

The second step for choosing the right arm or forearm tattoo

The size of your chosen tattoo, now you must choose the pattern, drawing and possibly colors. You can do this in two ways. The first, is to think about why that motivated you to get tattooed. Is it an event that caused you? Is the love for your partner? Or is it simply the aesthetic tattoo do you like?

The second step is in fact a logical extension of the first. You know the origin of your motivation to get a tattoo, so you already have an idea what tattoo meet your expectations.

tattoo forearm tattoo arm tattoo moon phasesTattoo idea arm, the phases of the moon

Choose tattoo arm or forearm according to the vices and tastes

What are your passions ? Is it music, literature, astronomy, art, film or hiking? We all have passions and a list of things we like. If the theater is your passion, why not get a tattoo a camera? Like astronomy? Awesome ! We love tattoos planets, Moon and Earth. If you like architecture and contemporary design, geometric tattoo is then for you.

woman tattoo arm tattoo idea original

Choose arm tattoo according to its symbolic and history

Any design, any sign has a particular symbolism. Even before the invention of paper and write the symbols were strongly present in people's lives. We communicated and expressed his emotions with symbols. Therefore, the tattoo is much more than a "drawing". Arrived in Europe relatively late with the sailors, tattoos were long reserved for sailors and criminals. Even today, in many countries, the tattoo is always a way to show his gang and its hierarchical position. And sometimes, if one is really professional criminal, the number of people killed ...

But fear not! The time evolved and nowadays, the tattoo is simply seen as an original aesthetic element. You see more and more people who wear beautiful tattoos. Even some love so much that they are a new tattoo every two months! Many tattoo enthusiasts say their profession:

"Once you start to get a tattoo, you can not stop!"

Of course, everything depends on your own desires!

bird tattoo arm tattoo arm tattoo idea woman

And now discover the rest of our ideas gallery

arm tattoo and stylish front arm

as well as some information about their meanings. tattoo-geometric-tattoo-design arm

Ideas tattoos for lovers

What more beautiful than love? Eternal love ! Long ago, marriage was part of the life of every young man and young woman. Nowadays, marriage is a choice. Some people love the idea of ​​organizing a beautiful ceremony with family and best friends, others prefer to avoid it. And there is also another kind of love people ... Celleux who want to tattoo something that shoed always think of their loved one or beloved. An alliance for life! Below you will find three of our favorite ideas tattoo lovers.

tattoo arm torque-origami-tattoo-love-tattoo-heart small-flower-tattoo-tattoo-torquetattoo flower torque-Romantic

The big trend in modern tattooing: the geometric tattoos and tattoo 3D

One of the latest trends in design and tattooing is the 3D effect sought. We love it for its very modern and sophisticated side. If you too like him, you have the chance. This kind of tattoo takes much less time to be realized that a tattoo very detailed, for example. The geometric tattoos and those with 3D effect are mainly composed of straight lines. Below you will find our three favorite ideas geometric tattoo.

tattoo-geometric-idee-arm tattoo

A unicorn tattoo 3D version? Awesome ! tattoo arm-original-Unicorn-origami-3dtattoo-minimalist-tattoo arm tattoo arm tattoo-woman-mountain-drawing

tattoo ideas before delicate arms and arms

There is nothing sweeter than the flowers and plants. If you prefer to have a delicate arm tattoo, choose a flower or a small green branch. Each plant bears its meaning. They are all carriers of positive symbolic. The rose is of course a symbol of love and passion. The lily of the sweetness. Lavender joins purity, calm and innocence ...

tattoo-flower-tattoo underarm

Tattooing a delicate and sweet flower is a great idea arm tattoo woman. If you want to have a colorful flower tattoo, know that it will cost you much more than a tattoo with black ink. In any case, plan a good budget for your tattoo. The key is to find a clean and maintained studio and especially, a tattoo artist who puts you at ease. This may be a little trouble ... But fear not, this really is it!

The rose tattoo arm is a large, classic aesthetic.
tattoo-rose-tattoo-armed woman tattoo-plant-arm tattoo-woman original

Large tree and geometric tattoo - two modern elements in ageometric tattoo-tattoo-arm-wife

tattoo-planet-arm wrist-tattoo-idea

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