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The creator of shoes was born in 1963. He discovered his passion for fashion and shoes after a visit to the Museum for African Art, where he sees a prohibited sign showing a sharp woman's shoe and heel crossed with a red line.

Since the fineness of female shoe has always obsessed. When he was yellow, the creator was fascinated by the Parisian musical theaters and started to create shoes for dancers. In 1980 he was apprentice in the cabaret Folies Bergeres and two years later he starts working at Charles Jourdan where he created shoes for well known brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

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The creator has definitely turned to the world of footwear in 1992 when he founded Christian Louboutin with two close friends. His shoes and exquisite shop in the gallery Vero-Dodat in Paris very quickly became famous around the world. Today there are more than 40 shops of the brand and it produces 850,000 shoes per year.
We meet Christian Louboutin 2014 Financial Timess Business of Luxury Summit in Mexico where he tells of his influences, his creative process and his superstitious beliefs.

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-What is the best time of day?
c.the : It's either all at the beginning or all at the end.

-What kind of musk do you listen to now?
c.the : A mix of bollywood songs including hits from years 60-90.

-What kind of books do you currently find on your bedside table?
c.the. : I read "apparitions Anthology" by the French writer Simon Liberati. After reading the first page, I was completely captivated by the book and I hope it will be as good to the end. It is very important to me than a book or a movie impressed me from the beginning.

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-What newspaper do you like to inform you?
c.the : Courrier International - provides an overview of international business every week and their reports are objective.

-Do you ever happen to read fashion or design magazines?
c.the To be honest, not so often. I have a soft spot for the US Vanity Fair but my Bible Gardens Illustrated is that I read every month - it's a very good magazine.

- Do you notice how women dress they are, do you have a preference for a particular outfit?
c.the : Context is everything. I like when women wear dresses because I like how the dresses influence the body language of women. I also like the skirts, my favorite garment is the pencil skirt because it forces the woman to have a good attitude. I love anything that allows to see the legs of the woman because I love to see her walk.

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- There he a type of clothes you do not wear?

c.the: anything that reminds the baggy - it never was my thing. I gnash their teeth when I think of one thing I did when I was a teenager and when I see that there are always people who do this today-wear lace-up shoes with socks. Another thing I hate are the socks - I have a huge problem.

-How would you describe your style?
c.the : Flirty

- How has your work evolved there through the years?
c.the I have always been very detail oriented but I went from beautification to nudity - of creating for the woman who loves to dress created for the woman who loves to strip.

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-Of all the shoes you have created, which gave you the most satisfaction?
c.the : What gives me the most joy is not the final product but the process of creation. There is a shoe that I created called "Clovis" and that there are only 36 pairs produced. The shoe is the idea behind are lovely - a friend who has been flirting with someone writing her many love letters. I took some of these letters and rose petals and I embalmed inside a transparent shoe so that you could literally float in love. It was a chalenge to make this shoe and most pairs broke but I loved the shoe and its creation.

-What are the criteria you take into account the creation of a new pair of shoes?
C. L. : A beautiful pair of shoes must seduce men and women both. I mix my creator of women's shoes and the self of man. First comes the creator who designs and revises the figure, then comes the man who looks at the shoe a very male perspective. There is a conflict between the two me - sometimes man wins, sometimes the creator. The creator has a lot of ideas on the appearance of shoes and women and then the man in me the question if he wants to see her daughter wear these shoes.
I always take into consideration how the shoe will be on the stand, his relationship with ankle and leg - this is very important. I often see shoes that are interesting until a woman put them on his feet. Nobody wants to wear clunky shoes.

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-What fascinates you right now and what is its relationship with your work?
C. L. I love archeology and explore ideas and themes of the past. The past is because this allows us to digest and analyze. I'm obsessed with Oscar Niemeyer, the dolls I collect and tribe Zuñi.
-Do you discuss your work with other artists outside your office?
c.the I have friends of the creators but naturally we avoid talking about our work. Creation is always present in the mind of a creator and as I said it is a digestion process that I care for except when I'm working with someone else. The opposite can be very exhausting for others.

-Where do you work on your projects?

c.the I always start by drawing and I draw everywhere except in my office in Paris because when I'm there, I always distracting. I need to cut myself to be able to concentrate. I can spend a few days without drawing but when I start the idea comes naturally to me - a design leads to another and so on.

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-... So this happens very often draw?
c.the Yes, but I can draw anything that shoes. I enjoy reviewing the drawings and trying to improve them. When I was yellow I trained to become more sensitive to the form. I étudias architecture and everything I was doing a lot of attention to the lines. Beauty comes from the shape, proportions and the relationship between the lines. It is a great success if we can understand the form and I have a compulsive obsession with the concerns.
-How do you decide color of your shoes?
C. L. : The color in itself does not mean great thing for me. It's always a question of quantity of the color used, there is always another dimension that is very important for the appearance.
If we speak of the black in the office, I need to know if it is black leather, black satin, black stone or metal - matt or gloss. The black alone tells me nothing. Taking a different color, green for example, natural green shades are superb but sometimes impossible to implement on materials. I love the green velvet and satin pistachio but I absolutely hate green leather and ceramics.

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-Do you have any superstitious belief or rules you impose to yourself?
c.the: I think there are things we can not control and others that can. I have a strong attachment to my first office in Paris and I never relocate this place. As a result we are separated in several buildings in Paris but that does not really bother me. This is something that may seem sentimental or superstitious but I feel happy there.
Since it is in Mexico, it reminds me that I do not like having skulls near me because they represent death. I made shoes with skulls and a friend got scared when they saw them. She told me to never associate myself with elements linked to death and it stuck with me - now I'm afraid of skulls.

-What is your personal motto?
c.the: Completely honest with yourself and you will be happy.


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