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The patchwork fabric inspired the hippie and bohemian chic!

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The patchwork fabric inspired the hippie and bohemian chic! Sold in shops or handmade, patchwork textiles are now used to create any kind of clothes and fashion accessories.

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What fabric patchwork and where does its popularity?

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The patchwork word comes from English and means a work (work) done with pieces of cloth (patch). The fabric patchwork in these different variants, is characterized by the fact that it unites several textile pieces in one setting. It's a clever way to recycle pieces of worn or remaining textile other projects.

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It is therefore not surprising is not the fact that the technique of manufacture of new tissues from old objects was popular since ancient times. In fact, it was a way to reuse the textiles to a period in history when they were not easy to produce, and they were largely less accessible today!

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Traditionally, the patchwork fabric handmade was used to manufacture various textile scraps covers. Known as quilts across the Channel, these lined blankets have also become the image that most often associated with the notion of patchwork. But, over time, the same technique textile work has become popular also for the creation of clothing and fashion accessories. Hence the presence of patchwork fabric in the bohemian and hippie chic.

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Nowadays, you can buy clothing and fabric patchwork accessories in stores or online. But many fans of bohemian chic and hippie fashion still prefer to make their own textiles from pieces of antique fabrics. These new patchwork fabrics are used to manufacture outfits but also home decorations.

Why it continues the patchwork fabric to seduce us today?

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Originally, the patchwork fabric was invented to meet the needs of those who do not have access to new fabrics in plain colors. Today, the textile assembly technique continues to seduce because it has an undeniable charm. The patchwork fabrics are designed to impress with their colors and patterns. They coexist shades and prints that are rarely put together differently.


What better clothes and style decorations and boho hippie? After all, these styles are based on combinations of bold colors and floral prints!

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At present, there is another phenomenon that explains the popularity of patchwork fabric. Specifically, these textiles handmade by the ancient technique of assembling various pieces. We live in a society increasingly aware of the risks for the environment and for the protection of our planet.

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For this reason, the number of people who are turning to product recycling solutions through creative projects is increasing. But the patchwork is one of the most used in this regard techniques!

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The assembly of small pieces of different fabrics used to create decorative items, accessories and original clothes. We mentioned recently in this article that offers interesting tutorials with this type of fabric.

What are the characteristic patterns of patchwork fabric?

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That we want to buy a dress fabric quilt or make one yourself, it is important to know the typical reasons for this kind of textile. We inquired with fashion experts to learn more about it. Their responses are to discover below!


The conventional structure of the fabric quilt is comprised of three components. These are: the pieces of textiles; Lining ; the son that unite the pieces. In addition, textile pieces can adopt forms and different designs. We distinguish between separate blocks, fabric scraps on a global geometric theme and pieces of small size (bands).

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textile pieces make up the visible portion and the most impressive of the fabric. They are perhaps the most interesting part. Most often, these pieces adopt three classic geometric shapes: square, rectangle and triangle.

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According to available materials, it is possible to use pieces of cloth of various colors. Some may have printed, like, for example floral motifs. To create more interesting fabrics, we opt for pieces of contrasting fabric. And if you want a less audacious creation, like a baby quilt, it will combine various pieces in soft, pastel colors.


According to the option chosen and the pieces available, use of blocks of approximately twenty centimeters; largest size pieces that provide a general geometric shape or small strips that will together.

The denim fabric patchwork, a fashion trend to master

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In addition to compositions that unite textile pieces in various colors and patterns, there is also another patchwork creation trend developing in recent years. It consists of assembling pieces or strips of denim fabric. Specific, this technique relies on the fact that the denim is a type of particularly resistant material. Therefore, can be recycled fabric scraps an old jeans and rely on a strong and new chic outfit at a time.

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The manufacturing technique of denim fabric quilt is similar to that described above. It is possible to use square pieces, rectangular or of small textile bands. These are attached with a sewing son and fixed onto a liner.


This technique is used for the production of accessories and different outfits. One can also use it to create a skin from a computer or mobile phone bag and shoes!

The patchwork fabric and fashion boho chic hippie


The creation of patchwork fabric has become very popular at the time of Queen Victoria. During this period, textiles of this kind were made using strips of silk and velvet. Later, in the early 20th century, this technique was used in abstract art.

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The story of love between the fabric patchwork and hippie and bohemian chic has its origins in the 1970s At this time, the movement of the flowers adopted outfits in colors characterized by their floral prints. Textile patchwork precisely corresponded to that mode of movement.

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Among the designers who are known to use textile patchwork in their work at this time, there Ossie Clark and Missoni. The first inspired fashion icons of the 1970s as Twiggy and Mick Jagger. As for Missoni, the brand has made patchwork fabric one of the stars of textile collections.


In the 20th century, textiles of this sort yet developed significantly. This is undoubtedly the result of the revival of interest in this type of material. Thus, during this period, the patchwork is not only an assembly of fabric scraps. It is also a type of printed material that mimic combinations of textile pieces.

Textile patchwork, more modern than ever

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Later, in the 1990s, this type of material has been rediscovered once again. At that time, the patchwork fabrics were associated with the grunge fashion. In this movement, the material was dominated by natural and dark shades. Gray, black, dark shades of red and blue and beige were assembly options of popular fabrics.

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Currently, time is the return of textile patchwork solid color. After shadows, we are rediscovering the beauty of vivid shades and floral motifs with bursts of bright colors. The brands like Miu Miu, Fendi, Ferragamo many others have launched collections inspired by these materials.

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Since 2005, multicolored material has never ceased to be part of the collections of major brands. Currently, there are clothes and accessories patchwork signed Antonio Marras, Just Cavalli, Jill Stewart, Hermes, Oscar de la Renta and even Chanel!

The technique of patchwork interior


The constant interest in patchwork textiles led inevitably to the creation of decorative items with motifs typical of this material. Among them, there are upholstery and other home textiles (covers, blankets, throws, cushions, carpet ...).

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While the interior decorations patchwork style are popular among enthusiasts hippie boho style, they are not reserved only for homes decorated in these styles. In fact, furniture dressed in multicolored textile pieces can be an accent piece for decoration of any room.

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In addition, the patchwork can function as a complement to other decorating style and in particular the rustic and shabby chic style. In this case, tones and patterns are to harmonize with the typical shades of the decorations.

Some clothes and accessories in fabric patchwork symbolic

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The patchwork fabric is widely known today. It is used both in print that mimics the assembly of textile pieces; but also in its original and handmade release. Popular, these textiles are not restricted to a particular type of garment. However, there are a series of outfits and accessories that remain patchwork symbolic of the hippie and boho chic.

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The poncho is a coat pattern is typical of the hippie boho style. often realized in natural materials, it can be manufactured as fabric patchwork. It's a nice coat option for lovers of hippie fashion that allows us to add some color to the scenery of autumn and winter.

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The hippie or bohemian chic skirt has the shape of a bell. It is inspired by the gypsy style to associate pieces of fabric in bright and bold colors. The blue, red and pink shades are preferred. It also adds pieces of textile Floral and geometric for a feminine and characteristic look.


Creating newer, short skirt fabric patchwork appeal to those who like to combine different styles. They are free to experiment with such a skirt combined with a blouse bright or neutral colors. Everything is perfect for the fall season!

Without forgetting …

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The small patchwork dress is a type of female attire we inherit both the hippie movement and grunge fashion. Depending on the colors, can be worn in spring, summer and fall. During cooler periods, it is inspired by the grunge generation and a door with a shirt over!

textile patchwork trouser-hippie-gypsie

The patchwork pants are a symbol of the hippie movement but also of grunge. We like their version bell that can adopt two different variants. One is made entirely of different pieces of fabric; the other favors a type of fabric for the upper part and another for the bell-shaped portion.

How to wear the patchwork clothes?

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Finally, share some tips from the pros on how to wear clothes and fabric patchwork accessories. This type of material attracted by its original appearance. However, it may be difficult to combine with other colors and with suitable accessories. Typically, there are two ways to wear the patchwork clothes.

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The first way is to focus on a dare look around. In this case, it does not hesitate to combine bold colors on all parts of her outfit. We can do the same same side accessories!

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The second option would be to combine a textile garment patchwork with neutral or natural colors. The black and white are traditional solutions; beige, brown and green are other interesting possibilities. Which of these two options tempts you the most?

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