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Dress a wall 30 inspiring ideas and original to discover

dress design wall decoration idea gray chair suspended luminaire living room storage wooden shelves

Do you want to refresh the interior of your bedroom an original and personalized way? Why not dress a wall stone, brick, concrete, wood or fabric?

Textures are an element that will make your walls elegant decorative object by creating contrasts of materials, light and shadow. Moreover, this is a very creative way to bring a modern atmosphere in your room. In general, the coating of a wall will not cost you dearly, but it depends on the material chosen. So dare turn your textures and smooth walls! Add more movement in your living room, dining room or bedroom with these 30 ideas how to dress up a wall with textures and different materials ...

Dress a wall 30 elegant ideas dress a wall luminaire mats suspension interior design sofa tabel low glass chair cushions

When we think of decorating the walls of our living room, our dining room or our bedroom, we often tend to consider only two solutions: paint or wallpaper. Fortunately, the choice is much wider. There is a very wide range of possibilities for all textures and most original materials and design as each other. To dress up a wall, it is possible to opt for a wooden wall, cloth, concrete, brick, stone, glass and others. All materials can wonderfully dressed the walls of your room to make it a unique charm. From modern to retro, let your imagination!

Dress up a wall with a modern interior 3Dindoor lounge dress a wall effect 3D design beige mat sofa chair black leather chair screen storage shelves

What is the mood you want to give your room? The interior is one of the key elements to create the desired atmosphere. The colors, materials, textures are very important because the wall can absorb or return of natural light. To find the style that suits you best, we invite you to discover our selection of examples. Quick overview:

modern living room with wooden walls and 3D effect by Red Visual Home

background wall deco salon idea wood floor wall coating

Deco black and elegant walldress up a wall design black living room furniture TV idea fixture design armchair suspension

elegant living room with three different walls

floor wall deco carpet dressing room idea deco black chair table wall white sofa cushions suspended luminaire

What a rich color harmony, textures and shapes! The color palette consists of gray, dark gray, black and white. These neutral colors adorn the walls, furniture, accessories and decoration. Three words to describe the atmosphere of the interior: harmony, serenity, elegance. His modernity is timeless.

Dress a wall for a trip to the futureinterior modern living room wall coating sleek Scandinavian design

The following exhibition takes us into the future. With its geometric lines, ovals and refined textures, this interior is just amazing and ultra modern.

A dress geometric shapes wallwhite geometric design tv stand wall idea gray sofa lounge chair Design wooden table

At first we see only the wall of white accent with black patterns. Looking at longer time, our eye grasps the bottom left armchairs. The geometry meets two elements of incredibly discreet way. The result is fabulous.

Wall with original lighting

Modern design room Interior idea mat of sofa'angle fauteuil table basse

Living in a large apartment very time investment in design and later in maintenance. Indeed, the small living space is seen easier to convert, because you have to settle for less as possible furniture. It is also easier to maintain. Finally, there is no need to spend hours cleaning or making calls to a surface technician. At the same time, living in a large space gives a lot of freedom of movement. The interior pictured below is the perfect illustration of a large space furnished with taste. Textured wall of the integrated lighting. It is composed of geometric shapes, similar to those of the large black luminaire. These two elements make all of this very dynamic living.

elegant wall living room wall cladding storage idea gray sofa cushions tv stand design idea luminaire design

Cycling is very French, very stylish and good for health. The textured wall of the living room below highlights not only the modern bike, but everything inside. It creates all the atmosphere of this modernity.

in wood and concrete refined Lounge: the yin and yang of contemporary designDress a wall 30 inspiring ideas and original to discover

Concrete is no longer reserved for long industry. It is permanently installed in the interiors and modern exterior. The concrete covers the walls, the floor, the ceiling. There is even in the form of furniture and decorative accessory. Invite concrete home means inviting wood too. Both materials have become inseparable. One is warm and natural, the other mineral and industrial. The yin and yang of contemporary design.

Green wall Wall design embossed gray white living room sofa cushions development gray carpet floor lamp suspended Deco plants

It is impossible not to mention the green wall. Natural, aesthetic and cost - it is not part of a particular interior style. At the same time, it is part of all domestic and all styles. Having a green wall in one room of his house is magical.

interior design living room wall tile idea tv stand design coffee table idea storage wall wood shelves

Living room with gray textured wall
indoor lounge dress modern design wall white sofa cushions decorating ideas

Dress a tile wallmodern interior design living room wall bricks stone sofa lounge design wooden coffee table

Bedroom with brick wall
dress a brick wall room idea

In industrial interiors, brick often dresses the walls. More and more people decide to install a brick wall as accent wall. It finds its place everywhere: in the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, the child's bedroom.

Reading corner with white brick wall dress a white brick wall

living room interior with brick wallwall shelves lounge sofa storage bricks wooden table

The above living room has a beautiful set of colors and textures. The brick wall is combined with a ground dressed in rustic wood. The carpet with ethnic motifs were perfectly matched the chair egg blue and corner sofa. With the mixture of all its elements, the interior sees modern, friendly and trendy.

elegant white and gray living roomdress designer sofa cushions gray marble wall decoration idea wall composition frames

Dress all its marble walls requires a significant investment. It is possible to dress one of your marble walls and contemplate his eternal beauty. You will not even need wall decor. There are also variants of imitation: cement tiles, floor tiles and others. One of the largest manufacturers of imitation marble solutions is the French company Atlas Concorde.

Stone wall textureswall tile design idea dress a stone wall living room sofa cushion gray white marble wall covering table

textured wooden wall with dimensional effectdress white furniture design wooden wall idea tv armchair coffee table wooden floor designdress a sofa lounge design wooden wall coating wall idea tv stand groundinterior design living room sofa d'angle noir coussins déco cadre mur marbre meuble gain de place salon faux plafondwall paneling idea yellow sofa tv storage cabinet black chair

ultra modern lounge with viewsdress up a wall idea lounge sofa chair design decorative wall covering wall

dress a black brick wall tile wall idea suspension luminaire design sofa cushions floor mats wood chair modern design lounge dressed storage design stone wall shelves lounge chair cushions space saving idea living room curtains wall covering concept living room sofa cushions white wooden wall composition dark gray mat frames wooden coffee table dress up a stone wall deco lounge luminaire suspension mat white couch cushions design ideas interior living room wall embossed white lacquered wood furniture design shelves gray design sofa cushions

brick wallindustrial idea interior brick wall wooden shelves furniture storage sofa black modern design idea chair cushions

Original interior wall covering design living room sofa d'angle gris coussins fauteuil tableau idea of ​​living room sofa'angle design table basse design moderne idéesinterior living room wall brick frames wall art deco wall of sofa'angle gris table bois basse

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