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A luxurious house scrub based on coconut oil

scrub coconut vanilla sugar sea salt

A luxurious body scrub is not given to everyone. It is soothing and, let's be honest, we all like to be pampered. But like a lot of fun, it's expensive.

So today, we offer a scrub house natural, affordable, and that will make your skin soft also without financial worries.

Homemade scrub for the body, based on organic coconut oil


For successful treatment, using the following ingredients (try to use organic products):

- 1/2 glass of white sugar

- brown sugar 1/2 glass

- 3/4 coconut oil glass

- cocoa powder 1/2 glass

- some essential oil drops of coconut or vanilla

The coconut will hydradter and soften your skin, while the essential oil or vanilla add to your homemade scrub a subtle aroma.

Body scrub made from lemon and coarse sugar

lemon sugar body scrub


- In a large bowl, combine white sugar and brown sugar with cocoa powder

- Add essential oil or vanilla

- Finish with coconut oil and mix well

- Pour the mixture in a clean glass container

DIY Scrub with an orange and coffee beans

scrub orange seeds and coffee house


Use a spatula or wooden spoon to empty the mixture. Do not use your hands since the mixture is biological and contact with your skin may make the oil rancid coconut.

Avoid plastic containers to keep your home scrub because plastic can absorb the oil.

A few drops of essential oil are enough for a soothing aroma

spa procedure essential oils


Take your time. This is a soothing procedure that is designed to relax. Plan a good afternoon to experiment with your homemade scrub luxuriously.

Take a bath or a hot shower before the procedure in order to soften your skin. Put a music that relaxes you and apply the mixture from the bottom up, focusing on very dry areas like elbows.

Take a second shower to rinse off the scrub and after drying, apply your favorite moisturizer for the body.

If you want, you can even infuse your bath water with slices of lemon, lime and cucumber.

There you go. A scrub house in minutes and voila. Your skin is grateful and your bank too!

Scrub homemade based grapefruit and mint

homemade scrub grapefruit mint

body scrub lime margarita

scrub and refreshing tangerine peel

body scrub base of sugar'orge

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