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glass pool 10 fabulous examples

design glass pool aamer modern architects

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the glass became a very durable material. Thanks to this progress, building a glass pool has become quite possible.

Discover our selection of 10 high glass pools range born from the imagination of architects worldwide. They fit in the most natural environments and blend with the decor. Some are open to the outside and to the inside. These design swimming pools with glass walls offer a fabulous show. Let's find out the ...

glass pool in the house Jellyfish by Wiel Arets Architects

modern home design idea glass pool

This modern swimming pool was designed by Wiel Arets Architects. It is located in the house named Jellyfish. Swimmers can contemplate the wonderful views of the Mediterranean when enjoying the pool.

The pool view from inside the house

modern design glass house indoor pool

A show for real!

glass design glass pool house wall idea development jellyfish

This house designed by the studio Aamer Architects includes a rooftop swimming pool. Swim and enjoy the beautiful view around becomes possible.

Design House with pool by Aamer Architects

pool house modern design idea

View of the pool from the courtyard of the house

design glass pool wooden wall evrre aamer architects

House with pool by Dap Architects

design glass house modern outdoor pool brainchild trend

The pool designed by Architects Dap is like an extension of the environment. His presence is seen naturally and harmoniously with the scenery around.

Swimming pool with glass wall, home design by Dap Architects

design glass house designer pool glass wall dap architects

The Equis House designed by Barclay & Crousse Architecture offers a panoramic view of the unforgettable ocean. Viewing distance, the outdoor pool of the house appears as if it was part of the great blue mass. It floats in the air !

The Equis House by Barclay & Crousse Architecture

modern design home furnishings glass pool

The pool view from a distance Design Barclay & Crousse Architecture

modern house modern glass pool furnishings design

This pool is designed by Longhi Architects inside and outside both. Its glass wall serves as a window to the gym. In the living room, she aligns with the knee wall next door.

Swimming in a house designed by Longhi Architects

interior design glass pool house modern idea

Indoor pool with glass wall, architects OFTB

modern design glass idea interior swimming pool design

Indoor pool with glass wall, architects OFTB

modern home interior sofa cushion design round glass pool table

Located on the roof, the bottom made of glass this Canadian pool, designed by Patkau Architects, overlooks the main entrance of the house.

House with pool by Patkau Architects

modern home design glass pool

glass pool in the futuristic Casa Brutale

brutal casa modern design glass pool

House that dream, the future home Casa Brutale

glass house interior swimming pool design idea

design pool

modern home design idea glass pool

glass design pool, Marbella villa

design glass home pool

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