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Contemporary dining room in 32 inspiring photos

Contemporary dining room interior decoration

You have finally decided to create a Contemporary dining room and friendly starting at zero or to refurbish an old one? Wondering what are the details of which must be taken into account when doing the decor of this room?

Well, you should always keep in mind is that the dining room should be comfortable, practical and meet your needs. Here we selected 42 design ideas and dining rooms of furniture. They are of different sizes and styles. You will find suitable rooms to small apartments and others that would suit quite spacious houses.

Contemporary dining room of minimalist design

contemporary dining table wood design

Contrary to popular belief that the contemporary style is not compatible with the friendliness we find a dining room can be both warm and modern look. The examples below show that the minimalist design or industrial decor does not necessarily rhyme with coldness. On the contrary, with fashion green decor, adding natural accessories is highly recommended, even if you choose a contemporary dining room catalog, much of the decor, and objects that you choose will that will give your room a very unique style and personalized. See our selection of pictures, and decide for yourself!

Elegant interior with original decoration

contemporary dining table wood ideas

Dining room with wooden table and original luminaire

Contemporary dining room pendant light

Dining room modern industrial decor

Contemporary dining room Industrial Design

design furniture by DK3 for dining contemporary design

minimalist deco furniture contemporary dining room

Idea room Deco room of contemporary style

dining room modern minimalist design

Idea of ​​contemporary dining room with decorative glass table

dining room contemporary design carpets beige chair table floor

Contemporary decor dining with suspension

contemporary dining table wood design

hanging lights and interior dining

contemporary dining room design white table chair

wood and metal furniture in dining room

contemporary dining room furniture metal wood design

Dining in black and white

modern minimalist dining room

Dining room with rustic tableContemporary dining room table wood

Dining friendly in neutral colors

dining room dark neutral colors

Table accessories for a contemporary dining room

modern dining table accessories

Decoration dining room for Christmas in red White

modern deco christmas red dining room

Dining room with traditional rustic furniture

dining rustiaque wood tapestry style

Lighting design in modern dining room

minimalist apartment dining room furniture

Kitchen and dining compact wood

dining kitchen contemporary wood island

Dining in loft apartment

loft design contemporary dining room white chairs

contemporary white wood dining room

black chairs design dining

Original design modern home dining room

Home traditional dining room furniture classics

parquet dining room wood white furniture

small, friendly dining room white furniture

dining room modern black white wooden bench

dining wood laminate mat

classic dining room stone house wood

Contemporary dining room lighting design

classic dining room table art deco

pink beige ivory dining room design

house open concept living-dining-room-modern

apartment loft-Scandinavian-white deco-colors

lounge dining area decorated cottage-style blue

minimalist design studio living room dining room lamps

mezzanine luxury single wall glass facade

rustic dining table large modern wooden mirror

apartment dining room kitchen living room open space

lounge dining room open house surrounded Nature

modern home Canada elegant paneled walnut

Modern rustic house loft LED spotlights natural panorama

living room with dining room modern dark wood shelves

living room with dining room modern style loft concrete walls

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